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  1. 32L threshold is still available for spotting.Just tell the guard that you want to take pix of airplane and he will let you in, but you have to park your car outside the guarded compound
  2. Nice angle kanehoshi with blue engine cone
  3. O/T: How much it cost to bring the 'head' of B747 back home??
  4. From the departure hall,walk straight till the end and Anjung Tinjau is somewhere above the Aerotrain Station
  5. Li Ren

    BKI 2011

    Not my uncle but my friend's.. His surname is Quah Thanks for the picture..Any more?
  6. Li Ren

    BKI 2011

    Great close up of the FY B738 Any pix of the FY pilot as my friend's uncle is the Capt on duty for flight 9M-FFA and he would like to have a few pix of him taken by spotter
  7. http://www.malaysianwings.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=12631&view=findpost&p=271538
  8. Searched through all Holland's online newspaper and found nothing on this incident..
  9. Li Ren

    BKI 2011

    Who aborted landing and more pix please
  10. I have a question here--> Will D7 weight our hand luggage?
  11. No worry Walter..I got what you mean. Conclusion: Tell your friends to book themselves for 0 fares etc
  12. Made a dummy booking for KUL-TPE and found out that the airfares for =1 or >1 are different. Anyone know why? For one passenger, the return airfares is RM824 + RM824 ====================================================================================== For >1 passenger,the return airfares is RM997 + RM997..
  13. Let me re-post this for you.
  14. Coming soon my first flight with Air Asia X D72672 5/12 KUL-TPE 0950-1440 D72673 12/12 TPE-KUL 1555-2035
  15. Another useful link to share here.It even shows you the price graph http://www.airasiachart.com/
  16. Li Ren

    BKI 2010

    Walter,if not you,it should be Eric
  17. O/T: Sorry for being out topic.. Can I know which airline provide the cheapest air ticket from KUL to YYZ ?
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