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    Welcome on board! Too bad have to break the bad news to you. Read somewhere here that the Heliconia (9M-MRD) has been stripped and no longer wearing the awesome livery she once don. The two hibiscus (9M-MPB and 9M-MPD) had also been stripped.
  2. Fuyoo!!! 9M-Malaysia Wings Ah?
  3. So does that mean a nose shot is a no-no?
  4. I think our effort to discuss with Iran about the oil price was shot down.
  5. Hehe...wanted to try not-so-new weapon and software.
  6. Short spotting session with Sam at Jalan Bunga Raya this morning.
  7. Now ok. That's strange. Just now it said video not available.
  8. Huh, not available leh.
  9. The most important thing they should do is to continue offering cheap fare to the public. Whether they quarrel with each other I don't really bother.
  10. I think MH also got 1 unit. The one that don the "KL - LA" special sticker last time.
  11. I can't understand why I keep missing "Dogfight" on Astro. The last one I watched was about the Israeli Mirage vs Egyptian MIGs. Never knew Israel was a key player in defense technology. In fact, they have quite a few representatives during the last Singapore Air Show.
  12. The news got edited out and being replaced by "Fuel Price Expected to Increase in August." At least the plane still in 1 piece. Can still fly, right? Well maybe this time AK staff will take the part and paint it red.
  13. Sometimes what is define in insurance policy is quite vague.
  14. I never have any problem getting my seat on MH. I normally select my seat when I book my flights and usually I got them. Normally is window seat first roll. Only once I was placed last row instead during boarding but I didn't inquire why as I have been moved to other seat to give way to a traveling mother with her child before. The last 2 times when I used my enrich points to redeem free tickets I asked the ticketing staff to put me together with my wife and so far they have been very helpful and polite. My wife booked her tickets during fair i.e. Matta or Mas Fair so I only claim my tickets afterwards. On a side note, seems like the seat selection was quite easily missed when you book your flights online.
  15. I don't understand. I mean I've got 2 tickets to HK for RM580 all inclusive. 3 years ago it cost almost double so overall I am still getting it cheaper than last time.
  16. During my last trip to KL I was lucky, very lucky, to stand first on the non-Xpress boarding lane. The BKI-SZX plane was delayed and was boarding just before my flight to KL. Then the annoucement came for my flight and all of a sudden everyone was rushing to the SZX gate before the annoucement finished. Now I have never seen 2 planes using the same gate in sucession in such a short time. When it was clear that the gate was a new gate, the same gate that everyone was waiting, the crowd just rushed back. The problem is some Xpress boarders are really kiasu fellows. It is possible to see Xpress boarders fist-fight in order to get through the gate and on to the plane first. For non-Xpress boarder, well you ain't gonna get on the plane first anyway, so not much problem there.
  17. I thought they disagree with the MAHB charges and still owe them money. For a start perhaps they can provide assigned seats.
  18. No don't think you will get to use the aerobridge even if AK move to T1, like PEN.
  19. Heard that the T2 building was destined to be a cargo centre, long before the current building was built. So, I think it was temporary for Air Asia to use it.
  20. Coming here alone? Don't mind we come out for a drink or spotting with some other MW members lah.
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