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  1. Aiya, I've busted the age requirement but will still apply nonetheless...
  2. Some customers have a knack of twisting and turning their complain stories to have things go their way. I very much doubt that the lady's story is anywhere near the truth. Otherwise, the man would be taken off the plane and be made to take the subsequent flight, with police escorts.
  3. Thanks for the reply Denny. I was actually thinking of going down cadetship route, not PPL. Since the economy is so bad right now, I am seriously contemplating a career change as my current profession pays relatively badly even during the booming times! Read somewhere that CTC is top for cadetship program in the UK, followed by Oxford Aviation School and Cabair. But even that won't give them immunity from the credit crunch I guess. Thanks for the warning. Would you know whether cadets bonded to MAS have to put down some sort of deposit as well?
  4. Hello people, I've recently applied to CTC Wings as a cadet pilot via the Easyjet careers website. CTC has training bases in the UK and NZ and they train pilots for a lot of airlines (according to their website). Is anyone familiar with this establishment? They require a £60k bond during training in case they can't find an airline for me after graduation. Does that mean they will take the money? Also, I have a few stumbling blocks in my path. I will be turning 30 years old soon and I have myopia of around 400 degrees. Is this going to be a potential problem? I might go for corrective eye surgery if they may fail eyesight problems. I am 5'4" which I think is just OK for 737 or A320 type jets. Will my height restrict me from flying bigger jets where longer reach is required? Am currently working as a consulting engineer in the UK but I cannot see the career going anywhere. Thanks to everyone in advance for any genuine advice. Regards, Andrew
  5. Ouh... I'm flying into that airport next month on Easyjet.
  6. Cheapest is not always better. I remember reading a news article about how Algeria got supplied second hand MiG-29s by the Russians. Not only once, but twice! In the end, the Algerians sent all the planes back and asked for a refund. I wonder if anyone checked our MiGs to see if they are second hand or not. Personally, I would not go for the M172s just because its cheap.
  7. after ho ching's failed subprime investment, temasek still got money meh?
  8. Some people like to be kept alone so I dont chat unless its my seatmate who starts yapping first.
  9. Why can't? Michael Chia also brought millions of RM out of Msia to launder for Datuk Seri Musa Aman.
  10. Yes i believe you are correct. Any fixed wing aircraft that the President happens to be on board is called Air Force One (it could even be a C-130). Marine One is a rotary winged counterpart.
  11. First choice: One of the retired Grumman F-14D Tomcats stored at Davis Monthan AFB; disarmed, of course. Second choice: F-86 Sabre
  12. I thought autobrakes are almost always used... Reverse thrust act to relieve some pressure and reduce wear n tear on the wheels. On the same autobrake setting, a landing without reverse thrust will cause the more pressure being applied to the wheelbrakes compare to one with reverse thrust. If you dont plan to use reverse thrust, then you shouldnt use high autobrake settings either.
  13. Looked more like an A320 had just crashed into the academy...
  14. What a joke. May I ask who their competitors are? If any...
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