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  1. Could it be that, it was done on purpose to announce huge losses as everyone do know it for the fact that he is keen to take the company back privately. Imagine that the IPO for the public listed company is only RM1.10. For another fact to it let's say that the share sets back to 60 cents and he intend to purchase it for 75 cents or 80 cents. I guess there is plenty of money that he have earned "legally" from the IPO's and privatization process.
  2. lol. if he can't follow a simple instruction how is he going to be one? It is just simple rules laid down ever since the forum started.
  3. brennan , mind me asking is the HMA still using AIP's or have they actually revert on to subscribing manual and charts from JEPPESEN?
  4. Twice i stood on the aerobridge in KK with two separate occasions and the aerobridge did kinda jerk twice while i was standing on it.
  5. i think that guy only started recording only when the aircraft stabilize if you notice on the flight information display screen they were descending passing 9800ft and lower.
  6. 20000ft is pretty normal looking at the situation where you can only have oxygen for a normal person to breathe normally without the oxygen mask at 10000ft. So imagine if you were cruising at 40000ft . The rupture might have been caused by the fatigue on the structure of the a/c.
  7. 45 tonnes?...lol...that is almost the weight of a 734 with the minimal cargo,pax and fuel...even heavier than its Dry Operating Zero Fuel weight..massive...
  8. It seems like the model of the a/c shown in the press which is on MAS llivery are blended with the winglets. So i think we should be expecting it. We should be able to see some of the NG's running in operation by next year as i heard that they are dry leasing 3 of them.
  9. they are planning to replace it with the new generation of twin otters
  10. Lol, one thing for certain with the fares offered by MAS i am pretty sure that there will be no cancellation of flights or delay after delays.lol....=P
  11. That picture seems familiar,it looks like a picture that i took from someone elses camera in TPE.lol.anyway i didn't really expect to see one(DREAMLIFTER) there.
  12. Next rumour inline for the purchase wide body twin aisle version - 777-300ER
  13. the 4th floor boys pockets seem to be empty.lol.
  14. I wouldn't agree on the idea to stop criticising , as long as you would like to voice out your opinions to the rest, we are very well entitled to criticize as well. I am sure that this does not only apply to you only but to the rest as well.
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