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  1. so great to find out this topic. hope Capt. Nik would arrange another round for everyone again. please let me know if i have the chance to join with u all. thank you very much. msn - JosQi@hotmail.com
  2. any one know which flying club have the highest reputation? would like to take some fly experience before pursuing further. ESB Flying Club Johor Flying Club Tanjung Flying Club Perak Aero Club Elite Flying Club FRAS Flying Club thank you very much. msn - JosQi@hotmail.com
  3. yah. perhaps all the while we are educated can't use cellphone on plane. tested by USA some of the hospital are allow to use mobile phone inside the hospital nowaday and even next to all the machine. and they have done testing in a distant form the radio/wave receive/transmitter. the cell phone signal would not effect any frequency. but... i don't think pilot can turn cell phone on.
  4. Is this a photoshop touch-up picture? .....look like - landing. but... the heat after the engine, if extreme cross wind. the smoke/heat after engine doesn't make sense in this way. and the shadow. but in this picture.... we can't see any shadow. except a little part of wing. i guess.. is a photoshop touch-up picture. but the plane is in landing post.
  5. yah. and the conversion fee will cost u arm and leg.
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