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  1. Spotting at Subang on 10.04.2010 Saturday noon time. These are what I got. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  2. Okay, next posting shall be in Flight Logbook.
  3. A wonderful day with all of you at Subang Airport outing today (23.02.2008) . Special thanks to our Captain Nik in organizing this event. I got 500+ click on my camera , just to start with these three first. Need time to process brother. #1. The satisfy and happy faces.....Irni & Azuan Zahdi.....of course our uncle Norman. #2. Another thumb up customer....Victor Goh & Saadiah..........of course out uncle Norman again... #3. The group pre-flight briefing. TK in action. wait ah.......a lot to come.
  4. Enjoy briefing....will see all of you at Subnag on 23/02/08.
  5. Walter, parking at the road side with YELLOW line tak kena summons keh?(Shown in the photo) Please advise.
  6. Captain Nik, On 23rd Feb 2008, where about ? Which location? Tq. Subang Airport
  7. Captain Nik, I can help out on the briefing night photo shoot, if you wish to. How about other photographers?
  8. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Captain Nik for the opportunity given to me. I hope that I can contribute during the event. See you guys there.
  9. Captain Nik, I can be the event photgrapher either ground or in-flight. I am using DSLR and my works has been published in Digital Camera in 3 issues. Hope I am selected. Can't wait to see you guys there.
  10. Wow! Great pics. I like the cockpit shot.
  11. It is far far away from the cable car. Yes, I been there and on the cable car. Nice experience.
  12. Taken from the cabel car to Big Buddha. LUMIX DMC FZ7 - 432mm
  13. Tx for the comments. Actually, I only notice the little reflection when I play back to zoom in on my camera soon after taking the shot, just to check the image. The picture actually taken in 432mm optical zoom.
  14. Dear SV Choong, I can't remember, there was longtime back. Maybe I can search some information.
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