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  1. Read all the post in here, and I have book the tickets direct to CHC today. So is it confirm they should have a tech stop along the way but the ticket is showing direct flight.
  2. During the weekend news it says 1 engine missing, now the latest news is another engine missing. Hope by this weekend we don't read the newspaper that the submarine is missing.
  3. Add-on : Genting Highland partly covered by the clouds....more $$$
  4. Saw SQ A340 this morning preparing for landing around Cyberjaya, 1000 and 1210pm (followed behind by CX A340 & AK A330) Sorry no registration number, too small for my naked eyes to see.
  5. Around 22 yrs, still remember my dad bring me to see the airshow during that time, now is my turn to take my kids to the show....
  6. Saw some plastic bags flying in the air when the C130 preparing for take-off.
  7. caught a glimpse of the 3 SU30 flying back to their base this morning.
  8. Superb take off, with the roaring sound and hearing the tweeting sound when it lands. Damage : Sunburn now.
  9. received this in my Facebook today from Mr Uncle Lim, and you know what he says... Lim Kit Siang (林吉祥) Eurofighter flight display at Subang. Is Malaysia buying it? He is really koo-koo, and reading all the comments from his fans is even more Koo-koo.
  10. Nice pictures...Saw one of the C17 tail at the airbase went I was returning back from work yesterday in Bkt Jelutong road.
  11. Hope can curi curi go home early, maybe can catch them arriving today.
  12. Thanks Naim for the info, Can't remember in what year they started charging. Now I remember. Now my junior have to pay adult fare same as me (above 2yrs old) Damage $$$
  13. * Infant fee (under-2s)- This has started, no more free flights for small juniors.
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