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  1. Routes flown in 2012 28 routes | 21 airports | 9 airlines | 15 countries
  2. I must say that what surprised me the most is JNB, I always imagined that there's enough premium load on this sector. It's amazing how KUL-KHI-DXB on ailing A330 managed to survive the axe this long against the mighty EK. FCO could be made to work again if a joint service with QF ever to materialize someday. My theory is that FCO managed to survive all these while mainly due to SkyTeam membership ambitions.
  3. My vision of what Sapphire might look like back in 2007 : http://www.malaysianwings.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=7351
  4. Awesome!!! Finally MH is seeing sense to join the right alliance.
  5. What are the chances of these Gulf carriers serving PEN (even LGK)? After HKT and DPS, surely our islands are next in the top list for vacationing Arabs, in this part of the world anyway.
  6. I flew MAD-EZE and SCL-MAD last Dec. I knew there wouldn't be PTV on the A340 so I had to entertain myself with my iPod. The vegetarian option was abysmal - mind you I'm not a fussy eater. Booked it via Expedia UK but had to change dates afterwards, no issues there. I knew what I was getting myself into when I chose to fly with Iberia. This ain't Skytrax 5 star airline, so don't expect anything extraordinary.
  7. MAS Holidays website clearly used a photoshopped image of Lonely Planet guide books. Doesn't copyright infringement mean anything?! http://holiday.malaysiaairlines.com/destinations http://holiday.malaysiaairlines.com/sites/all/themes/MASholidays/images/banners/innerpage/destinations/bnr_destinations.jpg (retrieved 13 Feb 2011)
  8. @Azizul: I've been wondering about visa arrangements for Malaysians flown to Jeddah. At first I thought their stay in Jeddah is considered akin to transiting without clearing immigration, but doesn't seem like it if it's only for 7 days max. Would have been less pressing if they are transiting through other visa-free places like Cyprus, but I doubt we have any kind of facilities there... @Stryker: I suppose there's not much difference between government spending on this evacuation mission and the aid to flood victims of Johor for example - both are to help fellow Malaysians in need. God bless to all involved in this mission!
  9. I've long waited for this, though I was expecting QF to codeshare on MH/SQ instead since the liberalization of the route. Finally we can book online to/from KUL to/from LHR, FRA and Australia
  10. Nitpicking the dropdown list of bookable destinations: Belfast, Ireland Gardermoen Oslo, Norway Macau, null Riyadh, UAE Seoul, Korea AND Seoul, South Korea If anyone from MH reading this, go fix it.
  11. MAS is starting to look wise now for hesitating to join Skyteam... more and more mediocre airlines joining in.
  12. Point 1 accomplished, two short breaks in Malta and Tuscany. Point 2 accomplished, went home for raya on EK CDG-DXB-KUL, inbound on A380 - my first. Point 3 accomplished, finally conquered my 6th (South America) and 7th (Antarctica) continents. New airlines flown in 2010 = 9 = Air Malta, Kenya Airways, Rwandair, Air Excel Tanzania, LAN, LAN Argentina, Aerolineas Argentinas, Iberia & Firefly New countries visited in 2010 = 6 = Malta, Tanzania, Rwanda, Argentina, Chile & Antarctica* (*) not strictly a country since nobody owns it For 2011, I'm eyeing on Jordan, The Himalayas & Ecuador.
  13. Thanks for the heads up! I'll be flying BRU-MAD-EZE on Wed, so this can't be good. Just when I thought the snow havoc in BRU has ended, now another fiasco in MAD?! Need to work out plan B asap, my travel plans don't have room for delays
  14. MATTA deputy president, as quoted from The Star: How can deterring potential corporate clients be good for business?
  15. Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) has issued a guideline to its members to start charging at least RM 30 of 'consultation fees' for each enquiry or request for quotation from customers (further enquires and amendmends would cost more). In the days when the relevance of traditional travel agents against do-it-yourself online portals is constantly being questioned, I see that this action would help to speed up the process even more. The travel industry is in no way not alone in offering free advice and quotations, in the hope that they are converted into actual sales - it's all part of doing business. The travel agency that I used to plan my upcoming trip even offered a call-me-back option, I only had to leave my phone number in their website. In the UK, some insurance companies offer free gifts just for enquiring, in order to encourage potential customers to contact them. What is your take on this? It would also be interesting to hear from those in the industry. Full media release here: http://www.matta.org.my/news/view.cfm?id=820547C6-188B-76AA-0065624D9CB5224E
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