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  1. BI don't need to be "profitable" per say. They are heavily subsidized and state owned. Financial mechanics work in a different multiverse for them.
  2. Always the case. That's why SQ is centuries ahead.
  3. As the millennials say it "delulu" , TG have started retrofitting their A320s (previously from Thai Smile) to have flat beds/proper BC seats. This would allow closer streamlining between NB/WB product. MH is regressing towards LCC level with their current narrowbody product.
  4. It's already being used on 5-6hrs flights to AMD and ATQ. I'm guessing the bosses and planners are not in the same whatsapp group on this.
  5. Pall

    Boeing 737 MAX

    Scary that the -8 and -9 are using this same defective anti-ice design system with 5mins limit when out of icing. What if the pilots forget to switch it off. Can be catastrophic. Something to fear being passengers. Again shows that Boeing prioritize money over safety, disaster waiting to happen again.
  6. SQ is extensively hiring every month post Covid, almost 50 ex-MH crew joined the last few batches.
  7. Heard from MH staff that there were promised payrise in late 2023 from some internal townhall but till date its all empty talks.
  8. Shortage of widebodies, poor reliability of aircraft due to aging fleet and low staff morale from engineers are among all the contributing factors that have led to this issues. This is what happens when MH is too fixated on things not related to dispatchability of aircraft itself.
  9. Always half baked initiative. Typical of MH.
  10. In the case of MH they keep marketing it as "premium".
  11. MH will pay the price for their worst decision of all time on the 737NG/MAX new cabin seats. One year down the road they will ponder on why loads are dropping and inability to raise yield. This is what happens when accountants makes decision.
  12. Pall

    BKI 2021

    KCH doesn't have what BKI can offer.
  13. The management of MH appears to be somewhat disconnected from reality when discussing the improvements in cabin comfort and seats for their refurbished B737NG and new MAX. Perhaps the worst in its class for claiming to be FSC premium airlines
  14. I have to say AK is doing a good job when it comes to maintaining these planes. Flew on board AFF few weeks ago to East Malaysia. Interior looks well maintained. Excellent wear and tear management compared to MH planes that are a lot younger. Considering the amount of flight hours and cycles AK planes go through.
  15. Even AK failed to drive traffic into KCH due to lack of demand. KCH needs to offer a lot more to become the next DXB.
  16. Have you seen how HKG, BKK, DEL, BOM, CGK and other major airports in this region manage this issue using same floor space area?
  17. It was due to loss of both electrical generators.
  18. Or move security to current customs check point after immigration. Just like other major airports.
  19. Thats right, even the new proposed KXP airport and proposed Ipoh new airport are seen as purely populist political ventures. Not viable at all.
  20. Central Asian folks escaping the harsh winter to our region and Malaysians/SE Asians enjoying their nice spring.
  21. Doubt MAG is willing to invest in SZB. Whatever announcements made before for SZB jet ops by MAG was merely running on the hype made by govt to allow jet ops from the city airport. Operating from SZB to routes already operated by MAB from KUL might be seen as cannibalism. The economics of scale might not work.
  22. That's a new record. Fastest ever repossession exercise. Show's how high in demand A320's are in the second hand markets.
  23. I heard OD is only operating 1 ATR in SZB right now. Sounds like they are making an exit soon, or rather just keeping their slot in the event of resumption later on.
  24. With plenty of seats on the A330/350s experiencing broken IFE's and half past 6 wireless IFE on the 737s. I wont be putting high expectations on this.
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