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  1. In trying times like this, its a good time to let go of the more elderly staff. I.e approaching retirement, above 60 and contract staff. Give way to the younger ones to live through their commitments. Golden age staff are usually at the peak of their pay brackets. Was told Malindo and AirAsia group are resorting to this. Something MH Group can consider.
  2. Don't be surprised if some of them are getting 120k a mth.
  3. When a corporation have issues paying staff salaries, its days are numbered. Hopefully Malindo survive this wave through this measures.
  4. Thats not how the state govt sees it. Otherwise we wont be talking about this issue. Anyway, the issue is not about them having difficulties getting home. As what the CM said in the news they have been given options to go back via KUL but not doing so in fear of their health once back in China.
  5. This Visa extension is a sensitive issue especially for Sabah when you have other immigration issues at hand (illegal filipinos etc etc). Any special attention given to PRC tourist/citizen will certainly be silver bullets for the opposition party, so this goes beyond the surface and should not be looked at from a medical refugee point of view. For the fact that Sabah CM openly say they don't have enough resources to handle the outbreak (as scary as it seems) is a lot better than saying we are well prepared and equipped with number of patients rising like wildfire. Take a look at Singapore for instance, now everyone down south is in panic mode. I remember reading a statement from one of Singapore's minister last week saying Singapore is out of danger.
  6. If it would have involved MH+Khazanah im sure this topic would have reached 10 pages by now. But since its about AAGB, TF and not the rakyats money, nobody cares.
  7. Exactly. This is what happens when people become too intelligent. Can find their way to post a silly rant in a Malaysian based aviation forum but just can't read simple signs all over the airport terminal building.
  8. Kamarudin, Fernandes relinquish posts in AirAsia https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2020/02/04/kamarudin-fernandes-relinquish-posts-in-airasia
  9. ID benefits are only extended to airline employees. ATC staff as we know are govt servants. There are some countries which outsource their ATC service to private companies to be runned as independent entities. But not here in Malaysia as it comes under Ministry of Transport via CAAM.
  10. Ask the govt, they own MH. Its not MH who makes the decision.
  11. Your statement seems more confusing, KLIA2 to KLIA assuming you mean the low cost terminal to full service carrier terminal is not via aerotrain. That train network is part of the ERL network which extends to KL Sentral. I guess you are talking about the Main Terminal Building to the Satellite Terminal. Dont see anything confusing about a 1 minute train ride.
  12. Seems like QR still have the edge over EK, based on journey time for Penangites travelling to ME and beyond. Via SIN seems like a long journey when you have options to fly out via KUL/BKK/HKG or even SIN with SQ/MI.
  13. One of the best replies I've ever read in a long time. 👏 Spot on and exactly what's going on in todays economical and political climate in this country.
  14. Oh wait, Air France-KLM too denied having any involvement. https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/air-franceklm-says-not-involved-malaysia-airlines-sale-talks So seems like Focus Malaysia is creating rubbish hype out of nothing.
  15. Makes me wonder how credible Focus Malaysia source is. I mean like JAL has denied having any thoughts of bidding for MAB back in November and we know Khazanah themselves have shot down the idea of the last few takeover bids due to unattractive offers. https://www.nst.com.my/business/2019/11/535351/qatar-airways-and-japan-airlines-deny-bidding-mas-stake I'm not surprised though about D7-MH as TF have long been looking for a way to save D7. 2012 dejavu?
  16. Labuan could barely hold 3 commercial jets at one time due to its apron constraint. Especially whenever MYY or BKI weather is bad, a few diversions and thats the end of LBU accepting more traffic.
  17. Not sure about klia2, rarely go there. But KLIA1 toilet cleanliness are definitely commendable. The one beside KFC is probably the best, the Bangladeshi cleaner will even serve you tissues from the dispenser as you wash your hands past the sink area.
  18. The Czech govt aircraft, is it a technical stop or an official visit to BKI by their leader?
  19. Doesn't look too promising for things at RedX.
  20. Have to accept the fact AirAsia is the market leader when it comes promotions, attracting customers and creating hype. Making full use of social media to get attention. Creative marketing at its best. The impact AirAsia has on passengers have gone down to a point where they don't even compare fares to other airlines when it comes to buying a ticket. Even though other airlines maybe cheaper and probably full service. Its brand power to say the least.
  21. A good way for Kiwi.com to tap into AirAsia's branding power.
  22. For a unified ASEAN aviation regulatory body to even take form, the ASEAN nations as a whole need to be unified in hell loads of stuff (economy, immigration, political stand, etc etc etc) . A unified aviation regulatory within this region is probably item number infinity in the priority list as what Craig highlighted.
  23. I also wonder if it only impacts code share with American operators. If not then i guess no problems with MH then to code share with other foreign operators that fly into US. American Airlines will be the one impacted from getting MH pax feed. MH can depend on other operators to feed their pax into US. Just that feeding pax into secondary US cities will be a problem.
  24. The fee hikes should commensurate with equal level of services provided which is sadly not the case. Well what is new in this country anyway. Hope this downgrade give a positive wake up call to all stakeholders to fix what FAA feels is not up to par.
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