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  1. Haha, good one. Maybe he will suggest to have more frequent flights to Perth, as his second home is in Perth.
  2. I hope this will never happen. With the merger, there won't be a healthy competition like we have now. And you know what that means, we will be the loser end: the fare will climb up, the service will suck beyond imaginable etc.
  3. My bad on not realising the destination..
  4. SQ flight departing around that time is the SQ12 SIN-NRT-LAX with B747, not the ULH. I too am puzzled to why not fly direct from KL. MAS do fly on Wednesdays around 9.40 AM.
  5. AK is also releasing SIN-PEN and SIN LGK. For SIN-PEN, the return fare is SGD 75 (not incl checked-in luggage). Jetstar is BETTER, as the return fare is SGD74 and that incl 20KG of checked-in luggage+free online seat selection (plus flying to/from main terminals in both airports!).
  6. There is no news about Singapore carriers reciprocating the service to SZB. I'm sure the rule that only propellers can land in SZB (which neither TR or 3K has), still stands. So I believe FY will be the sole player in this route for quite some time. Maybe in the future, Berjaya Air may decide to fly the route as well. However, if Msian govment reverses the rule, expect AK will scream!
  7. I am betting that you r right. I checked the airport tax for AirAsia's flights which fly into T1 Changi and the tax is RM70/SG28. So it can't be T1 (or T2 and definitely not T3)
  8. Next question will be, which terminal Firefly is going to land in SIN? perhaps the Budget terminal?
  9. From the CEO Azran: http://blog.airasia.com/index.php/xanadu-c...ne-and-get-your
  10. I meant that SQ doesnt have the preselect seat facility ONLINE. I could not see that option when trying the mock booking on SQ website. I am sure you can request for preferred seats by calling the customer service.
  11. If based on seat, SQ does not allow preselect seats during booking in any Fare type. You only get free seat selection during web check-in which is the same as in MH.
  12. only if you fly with MHsmart and MHfullflex economy or Business class that you can preselect your seats. MHlow and MHbasic dont allow you to preselect seat.
  13. MAS launches ‘stimulus package’ deals Tags: deals | MAS | stimulus package Written by Surin Murugiah Wednesday, 15 April 2009 10:51 PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines is confident that the nine deals under its MAS Stimulus Package will help boost sales, its managing director and CEO Datuk Seri Idris Jala said on April 15. Under the package, MAS is offering seven deals for economy class travel, one for business and one for first class. The package includes the “balik kampong” package that has fares of RM69 nett for travel within the Peninsular and within East Malaysia, and RM99 nett for travel between East and West Malaysia. The MAS Stimulus Package covers domestic, Asean and international travel. Idris said while the airline cannot control the operating environment, it could control the way it ran its business. "These deals have been tailored to meet what the customers want and stimulate travel demand." "Based on the public's support to us during our travel promotions, we can see that if they are given a choice to fly with us, they will definitely do so as we offer the best value for their money," he told reporters after launching the deals.
  14. You may be correct: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../417691/1/.html 2 airlines get approvals to fly to S'pore from more Malaysian cities By Wong Siew Ying, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 25 March 2009 2003 hrs SINGAPORE: Low cost carrier AirAsia and the budget unit of Malaysian Airlines have been given permission to fly to Singapore from more Malaysian cities, according to reports quoting Malaysia's Transport Minister, Ong Tee Keat. The reports said AirAsia's new routes will link Singapore with Penang and Langkawi as well as Sandakan and Tawau in Borneo. Meanwhile, Malaysian Airlines' low cost operator Firefly has been given permission to ply between Singapore and cities like Penang, Kuantan and Terengganu. The Malaysian government has also allowed Firefly to fly the competitive Kuala Lumpur to Singapore route, according to the reports. Despite these approvals, Malaysia will have to negotiate its bilateral air services agreement with Singapore before the carriers can be granted access to the routes. Channel NewsAsia understands discussions are underway and transport ministry officials from both sides are expected to meet soon to tie up details. - CNA/vm
  15. Hmm, I would like to know, if any, some figures or observation of the recent partial liberation of KCH and BKI to SIN. How are the load factors for the routes following AK, TR, and 3K entry? Kenneth mentioned on the other thread that he saw KCH-SIN canceled on that particular day. These routes can be used as a yardstick for the future success for other routes out of Sarawak and Sabah to SIN, such as SBW.
  16. Stumble upon the blog with more pictures on the new LCCT departure hall: Now there are more shops including Theobroma Chocolate lounge, Marrybrown, Bodyshop, and OldTown White coffee.... http://warunghotmama.blogspot.com/2009/03/...rture-hall.html
  17. My first time seeing STOP text alongside BERHENTI in Malaysia. Is this common in Sarawak or I just don't travel intraMalaysia enough?
  18. But, roadways can't exist alongside in the tarmac, so that won't work out well. it has to be the other way around (i.e. the long way)
  19. I can answer the last q, the new runway will only be 4km in length, and the runway will be a bit more north compared to the adjacent runway. So the the lake will not be touched i think.
  20. Kenneth, it works perfectly for me. This is indeed the best trick i've seen with Jetstar. It works for me even with the KCH-SIN-PER. You have to make sure the first leg is earlier than the second leg of the trip for both outbound and inbound. I've tried KUL-SIN-DRW-MEL, KCH-SIN-PER, and a few more. About the luggage connectivity, there is a separate page I just found in Jetstar.com http://www.jetstar.com/au/en/travel-info/a...onnections.aspx For me, the explanation is not straight forward. But, one important thing is, as mentioned by rayneo, the ticket must be under one booking reference number. Ps: doing KCH-SIN-DRW-MEL must be one trying trip!
  21. I tried to do what you did, and couldn't be able to get what you got. did you go all the way to the filling up the names page, and then open a new jetstar page for the second leg? Anyway to answer your luggage/check-in. YES, you still need to get your luggage out in SIN, check in, then in Darwin, take out ur luggage, and recheck-in. It does not matter whether you pay in a single receipt. It is still treated as separate tickets.
  22. AirAsia's note on this: I guess this can be applicable for Jetstar as well.
  23. A bit more in depth on the losses:
  24. I wonder how much losses in terms of ringgit they suffered because of the fuel hedging policy which if I remembered correctly about 64% of their flight requirement last year, and half of this year.
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