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  1. I see, the configuration map is only showing two yellow dots, I guess that gave the wrong impression.
  2. Wow 3 lavatories in the upper deck economy section with just 70 seats, thats pretty generous. Interestingly the whole business section only has 2!
  3. Oh, thats news to me. I've heard that they charge YQ on awards flights operated by certain airlines, including BA. I never get the chance to use my AA miles, hopefully I'll get to use them on MH. If it's YQless, I'll be even happier!
  4. Hey what's wrong with that?! I booked mine recently 330 days out
  5. Hmm... I'm not so sure if SQ website is any better these days.
  6. I share your pain, Dr! I had the problem with the phone number too, tried different combination. Just when I was to give up, it went through. In the end I had to use my Malaysia home number as the system does not recognise a UK number. I hope they will get the booking engine sorted soon.
  7. Yeah, I saw that ad too. I thought it was hilarious, as if they think MAS should always be cheaper airline to fly with MAS fare to KL is around £700 return, for travelling off season. Fares drops a bit when they do offers, but I haven't seen anything below £550 this year. Vietnam Airlines has the cheapest fare at the moment, they're doing LGW-SE Asia return for around £450 all in
  8. I couldn't agree more! Some are lack in customer service skills too. When I was told to call back in the morning to make a payment on an Enrich redemption, I asked the question why can't the payment be processed straightaway - the staff didn't give me an answer and kept asking me to call back the following morning. When I asked if there is a specific time I need to call, he said he didn't know because he always works on a night shift. You don't say things like these to customers...
  9. I tried to make a redemption booking after the upgrade and I'm still getting the same error - "Unable to price the journey". It has been like this for weeks and I'm getting a little frustrated! The call centre couldn't help either. I have spoken to about half a dozen of staff and none of them sounded keen or well trained. They are very consistent with the answer though - "sorry sir, system hang, try tomorrow/later ok?"
  10. Here is the schedule from airlineroute.net. Arriving LHR 0620hrs but only departing for SIN at 2000hrs...
  11. That's really good news. The load must be pretty healthy then? Since they just upgraded SQ308/319 from B77W to A380 this month. Looks like LHR will be seeing the B77W again!
  12. I would be disappointed too if I were you... but at least you still get to experience the A380 on the longer sector of the two. I also have a few upcoming A380 flights, including CDG-BKK with TG next year. I will keep my fingers X though!
  13. I don't quite get it, I thought these are the schedules for MH2/3 as they currently stand? Does the A380 need longer turnaround than the B744? The ground time is actually a little longer than SQ322/317.
  14. Hmm, that can't be right. I'm pretty sure MAS did Kuching - Balikpapan a few years ago with B734 but it didn't last very long. BTW does anyone know how is the load on KCH-BWN?
  15. I haven't experienced them personally... but I have a couple of friends who flew them in 2010 on LHR-AUH-KUL & vv. They said the service was average at best. You should also be aware that Etihad has retroffited their 77W to 3-4-3 in Economy.
  16. I was thinking, since D7 has the gut to announce the cut on these routes in one go, they must have reached an agreement to let them transfer the affected passengers to MAS (as Option 3 in their press release). Otherwise it will be a huge blow to their reputation. Who would want to fly them if they keep launching new routes and pulling them out at a short notice.
  17. Finally! But with taxes and surcharges adding up to RM320 for a roundtrip, I wonder how long these routes will last, especially KCH-BWN.
  18. Yeah APD is a pain on the back side... Other than that London itself is also a very competitive market. There are just too many airlines offering flights to the Far East at cut throat prices... The base fare these days rarely makes up a big chunk of the total ticket price, most are now made up of government taxes/charges and the airlines' so called fuel surcharge.
  19. SQ J seat is one of the most spacious around and having one which offers 10% more space than that must be something quite revolutionary... this doesn't sound very MH at all. I am hoping to be proven wrong... Maybe some of the Y seats on the upper deck are Y+ in 2-3-2...
  20. 2012 is going to be a difficult year for EU/UK ... airlines are alreday offering some really cheap Business Class fares to the far east, I've never seen them so cheap before, they must be desperate.
  21. Oh, I've heard that they have now refitted all the 77W's with 10 abreast seating in Y....
  22. Yeah, how embarrassing... Interestingly the schedule is already available on some 3rd party website like kayak, tia...
  23. Great news! But why is KCH-BWN so much more expensive than the rest?!
  24. This 'rumour' could be damaging to D7 as it may put people off from booking flights with them...
  25. Wow, Kuching - Bandar Seri Begawan should be longest sector for Maswings! I wonder if it is going to be non-stop or via Mulu? Hope to see BI codesharing on this route too...
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