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  1. I agree! QR staff are a lot more consistent. IMO the area that they need to work on is the transit in Doha, hopefully the new airport won't get delayed again.
  2. Did they not recently downgraded one of the daily flights to B738? There should be a lot of happy passengers if they upgraded it to an A380 I still find it hard to believe they are sending B738 to HKG, especially CX has twice as many flights and all are operated by wide bodies
  3. Sounds odd to me. Why do the taxes and surcharges fluctuate according to the load of the flight?
  4. Great news indeed! Even better if they do a tag on to another SE Asia city, not very likely I guess.
  5. As far as I know Yangon has always been a Silkair destination. What a surprise move by SIA.
  6. Sounds very odd to me, could this be just a change of flight number and their system just hasn't been updated to reflect this?!
  7. No it's not. SGD50 is the base fare... seems to be the norm these days.
  8. The ratio of base fare/taxes is so out of proportion these days! Unbelievable...
  9. Who knows, maybe one day when AK decided to go a bit upmarket like what Virgin Australia did They have already built up the market share so the next thing to do could be thinking about how to make flying both afforable AND pleasant. As for the electronic pass reader, so far the best I've seen is from Japan. You scan the boarding pass when going through the immigration and if there is a gate change, you get a small print out like this. And you have to scan the boarding pass again at the boarding gate... nice and easy. BTW these pics were taken 3 years ago in 2009 ... old technology?
  10. Thanks for the clarification As for the 772, I find it quite amusing that they are replacing a business class product that has a recline of 170 degrees with another one which also has a recline of 170 degrees Is this worth the trouble?!
  11. Nice! It's good to see that they are keeping the 34" at least on the B744 I'm not sure if they are refitting all the B744's - could be just those currently with the ancient recliners in both First and Business Class?!
  12. Can't blame them... the airline has been promoting itself as the 'world's five star airline'
  13. Really? I thought they only use those PTV-less A320's on shout hauls.
  14. Whatever catalogue that is, I hope they are not looking at the 'Reduced to Clear' section...
  15. EK sometimes uses the A332 on new routes too. I've never been on a QR A320, but if I have to choose between EK's A332/B777 and QR's A320, I would go for the latter especially in Y. Those A320's used on the European routes seem to have pretty decent Y products.
  16. Doesn't look like they are doing the promotion similar to their Oslo launch last year. It's also interesting to see that they are using A320's on quite a number of 'thin' routes in Europe.
  17. Before you know it, MI will be doing all the SE Asia runs for SQ. At least they could keep the revenue within the group, instead of losing out to the LCC's....
  18. Haha, thanks... I always find it fascinating that S fare is a bit cheaper than Y. You pay less but got to stay in the air longer, sounds good to me
  19. With such big orders I could see that some of the existing SQ destinations in SE Asia will be handed over to MI, just like what they did to SUB, PEN, KUL and HAN.... Must be about time for MI to join Star Alliance
  20. Very nostalgic! Gone are those days.... I see that KUL-KCH has S fare too. It must be quite something to fly on a Fokker across the South China Sea! Thanks for sharing
  21. No lah.... Southend airport is better connected to London than you think. It does have its own station, with trains running from London Liverpool Station (also serves Stansted Airport) roughly every 20 minutes and the journey time is just over 50 minutes. You will need at least 3 hours to get from Central London to a Paris airport.... but you're right about the APD, they're a pain!!! The airport does sound like its in the middle of nowhere but if you look at the distance, its just over 40 miles from Central London, that's only a few miles more than Gatwick/Stansted and roughly the same distance between downtown KL and KLIA. BTW, the APD only applies to flights departing from the UK, to avoid it you could fly into London but fly out of Paris.
  22. I agree with you. I can't remember when was the last time I saw an MH ad in London. It would be nice if they come up with some advertising when they introduce the A380's to London. Maybe they just want to keep it quiet until they offer a daily service?! It should be pretty easy (and cost effective) for MAS to offer e-menu via the IFE screen, as long as they make passengers aware of it. Qatar is already doing this on some routes. Hot towels? I'd be happy if they introduce those pre-pack wet towels in Y
  23. Erm... may I ask what is the difference between Y+ and Premium Y? I thought they were the same, its down to the airlines how they want to call them? E.g. British Airways called theirs World Traveller Plus, while Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealands' are called Premium Economy? Other than the increased legroom I couldn't see any difference between the Y seats and the Y+ seats. With that amount of space they could easily fit a better seat, e.g. one that comes with legrest?!
  24. How odd.... there are always bugs on apps. I would have thought they will try to fix the problem rather than shutting down the app altogether. What a shame. I always thought their app isn't too bad!
  25. That's one TR I liked a lot - very informative! Nepal is a nice country to visit, though I've only been to Kathmandu and Patan. Given a second chance I would spend more time there and go to the mountains!
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