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  1. Seems like there's a massive data breach in Malindo, Thai Lion Air, and Batik Air. Details including full name, home addresses, e-mail, date of birth, phone numbers, passport numbers and expiration dates were breached. No wonder I received a notification that my e-mail was found in the dark web and I need to attend to it immediately. Maybe Malaysia should strengthen the PDPA to include fines and notification to affected individuals or at least made it public? SCMP report here Malay Mail report here
  2. Agree on marketing for Malaysia. But Thailand also has this image where tourists are almost free to do whatever (at least in the tourist’s mind) - sex, drugs, alcohol, and also petting tigers and riding elephants. I wouldn’t say Bali is more interesting than the whole of Malaysia (I assume you refer Malaysia on the whole as “us”). Not even close. Traffic is awful and the island is run by taxi mafias (which does not exist in Malaysia AFAIK). And are you sure there are more backpackers in Laos than in Malaysia (again they cater to a lot of backpackers who want go tubing down a river whilst drunk)? Cambodia well they have a huge temple complex that’s world famous so that’s a bit different (but in terms of tourist arrivals, Cambodia received 6.2MM tourists in 2018 whilst Malaysia received 25.8MM tourists). 3. Kuching is just a mere 1.5 hours flight from KL. About the same as BKK to HKT. You can get one for around RM70-80 if you book far in advance (like 1+ month). Aren’t most tourist destinations in Southeast Asia seasonal? Phuket is low season now. Bangkok is low season after Songkran till around October. Bali’s low season is between November and February. And Terengganu might be restrictive. Perhentian is not. Langkawi is cool. Not the best beaches around but there are things to do. The Skybridge is cool, so are the mangroves. If it’s nothing special, there wouldn’t be so many Europeans spending their honeymoon, holiday, or living there KL is meh to some and lovely to some. It really depends on what the person is looking for. SG for example is extremely boring and sterile to me but some of my friends absolutely love it. Sure KL is not as insta friendly as say SG with the skyline and MBS pool but the rooftop bars in KL are really nice. Batu Caves is a major insta spot tho. My European friends love KL. They think they get a good bargain for their money. Great food, amazing hotels at a fraction that of SG and even BKK. Where else can you stay at a MO, St. Regis, Four Seasons etc. for less than $200 USD a night? But KL is just a city after all. The main attractions of Malaysia IMO are in Sabah and Sarawak. I still have no idea what Visit Malaysia 2020 is for. It’s not like tourists will see that and go “oh maybe we need to visit Malaysia next year”.
  3. Fewer tourists for sure but I need you to cite where you found that there aren't a lot of repeat tourists to Malaysia.
  4. 2) That's because of Thailand's image as an exotic and cheap destination (Indonesia and Malaysia is way cheaper than Thailand due to the baht's appreciation). But Thailand also attract a lot of other tourists (esp. sex tourists) to their country. 3) Malaysia has plenty of tourist spots (and more authentic than Thailand). Sabah and Sarawak have plenty of (gorgeous) national parks that are world famous, along with Terengganu/Sabah Islands (I'd prefer Perhentians don't be the next Bali or Phuket), Penang, and Langkawi etc. IMO, Malaysia beaches are way nicer than those in Thailand (the only exception is that Malaysian beach resorts cost an arm and a leg for average facilities). Thailand on the other hand have bigger islands and able to offer better infrastructure on their islands. Do we really want to have abused elephants so tourists can ride on them or caged tigers so visitors can see them?
  5. DE started Winter 2018. Was supposed to be seasonal but extended beyond April (Easter school holidays) to year-round service but reduced frequency. DE flights end January 2020 (iso March/April 2020) so I guess they won't be returning to Malaysia W20/21. Can't imagine the crew cost for a 2-3 weekly long-haul flight tho.
  6. How timely MAVCOM Imposed Penalties on Air Asia Group Have you checked out MAVCOM's "Senior Management" page? Hardly political appointees, especially the Director, Economics Do you have a better qualification than them to say that they are just receiving huge salaries (and do you even know what their salaries are?) So it's ok for an airline to flood the capacity to kill competitors and then raise air fares once they have the monopoly on the route? Should we force ex-MY based flights to pay out 600€ if the delay is more than 4 hours? I am all for it We do have some rights for resolving passengers issues in Malaysia. SG doesn't even have a organization to file your complaint to (not that I am aware of). MAVCOM was the one who approved the SQ-LHG JV for Malaysia market. CAAM and Ministry of Domestic Trade doesn't do that job. Read their analysis here to understand why MAVCOM was needed. But if you think CAAM can do that job, maybe we should expand CAAM and Ministry of Domestic Trade instead?
  7. STB has a pretty useful statistics spreadsheet (of course they do) on how visitors get to SG. Singapore Jan-Jul 2019 Visitor Arrivals Malaysia has a nice page for visitor arrivals too but has way too many parameters for their interactive charts to be useful. However, they provide a nice summary for the top 45 visitor arrivals. Malaysia Jan-Jun 2019 Visitor Arrivals MY and SG counts their visitor arrivals differently. SG doesn't count Malaysians who visited SG by land. MY only counts them as a visitor if they spend at least one night in Malaysia (IIRC). Since we are discussing about DE-SG/MY, here are the arrivals from DE to MY/SG for Jan-Jun period: MY: 69,092 SG: 203,016 Because they have removed their flights from GDS.
  8. Echoing Izanee's comments: Top 5 export markets from DE to ASEAN (in billions): 1) Singapore - €7.97 2) Malaysia - €5.18 3) Thailand - €5.07 4) Vietnam - €4.11 5) Indonesia - €2.86 Top 5 import markets from ASEAN to DE (in billions): 1) Vietnam - €9.77 2) Malaysia - €8.95 3) Singapore - €6.58 4) Thailand - €6.13 5) Indonesia €3.80 Top 5 trade (imports and exports), German ranking in parenthesis: 1) Singapore - €14.56 (32) 2) Malaysia - €14.13 (33) 3) Vietnam - €13.88 (34) 4) Thailand - €11.20 (37) 5) Indonesia - €6.66 (44) Just like I know Malaysia. We are neither the top/best nor the bottom/worst but we are always in a happy medium But odd that TH which has less trade than MY with DE in almost all aspects but managed to attract LHG's airlines: LX, LH (from FRA with 380 and MUC with 350 nonetheless), and OS to BKK, don't you think, Mr. Lee
  9. US is the largest FDI in MY's manufacturing sector (more than double that of MY's second largest FDI manufacturing sector contributor, China) for Jan-Jun 2019 - will we see UA/AA/DL at KUL soon?
  10. Seems like it for now. But Condor's KUL flights were supposed to be seasonal to begin with (they continued on during summer of this year tho). W19/20 will see equipment change from 767 to all Y 332 (frequency down from 3x to 2x compared to W18/19). And it seems like the last flight will operate ex-KUL on 17JAN20. There's a market between DE and MY, just not high enough yields for either LH or MH to launch a flight between the two countries. Both LH and MH doesn't have a partner at the other end, so basically they are only carrying pax to/from KUL for LH and FRA/MUC for MH. The weak MYR and EUR doesn't help either LH's 350s are based in MUC and that's even a smaller market to/from MY than FRA.
  11. Why would JP award more HND slots to VN than to MY because MY issued samurai bonds?
  12. QR hasn't started flying to LGK yet. Not for at least another month. You mean QR has a range of aircraft so they chose one of their biggest aircraft to places like AGP?
  13. Do you mean QR's expansion to CWL, DAD, KBV, PIS, AGP, CBR (and previously served UTP) are sustainable? LGK hasn't even proved itself yet (and a pretty seasonal destination too).
  14. I am pretty sure Malaysia applied for HND slots. They just didn't get it. MH really wants a HND flight (they have been saying that want it). Any country would be dumb to not apply for one. There is no "cost" for the HND slot. It's not LHR slot. Slots are awarded by Japan and can't be swapped to/from another country. MH however can buy the nighttime slot from D7 if MH want to provided D7 is willing to sell theirs. MH-JL partnership doesn't allow a HND slot either (I am more surprised that JL didn't push hard for a HND-MY slot). There is only one daily HND-MY slot allocated for each country. Hence NH and D7 are the only ones offering service between MY and HND. More like when MAVCOM allocated the slots, they gave 4 weekly flights to D7 and 3 to MH (or vice versa). MH didn't know what to do with it because it was only 3-4 weekly flights.
  15. Malaysia yet again failed to receive any additional HND slots for 2020. The new slots recipients: USA - 12 China - 4 Russia - 2 Australia - 2 India - 1 Italy - 1 Turkey - 1 Finland - 1 Denmark - 1 So we wont see MH at HND whilst almost every other neighboring country (SG, VN, TH, PH, ID) has multiple HND slots (including daytime). MY only has one night time. Didnt know TR, FI, and DK has more ties to Japan than Malaysia 😳
  16. If the hot meal includes 2 sticks of chicken satay with fried rice OR stir-fry chicken/fish with vegetables and white rice (that's for KUL-KCH-KUL), RM4.50 is a bargain. What were you expecting (more food or higher catering cost)?
  17. Sounds about right. Almost (all?) tickets wouldn't allow you to break the cabin halfway. You can however buy two roundtrips, i.e. KUL-DXB on EK Y and then a separate ticket DXB-LHR on EK J (this will be very costly). You can book one-way KUL-DXB-LHR in J and then LHR-DXB-KUL in Y, but not half and half
  18. You sound like a person who seemed to have a lot of experience in running an airline Good to know there are still wildlife in Sabah and not restricted to National Parks The last time I visited Kinabatangan, the oil palm plantations were bordering the wildlife reserve without any buffer zones (that is quite a huge turn off because if the boat ride exits the park by a few meters and you are in oil palm plantations). But I agree on not fragmentizing what's left of the fauna habitat in Sabah. If you look at satellite pictures, you'd see how small those areas are now (replaced with palm oil plantations) and it's all fragmented. The karst hills just south of Ipoh are now becoming tables and floors. At the rate this is going, there won't be much hills left around Ipoh. What used to be a gorgeous drive from Gopeng up to Ipoh is now littered with karst hills that are being excavated along with the rainforest that grows on/surrounding those hills. And KL-JB highway doesn't have any forest - most of it are oil palm plus a few spots of rubber plantations here and there.
  19. The weak (and continued depreciation of) Turkish Lira isn't helping and IST will be the end point for most of MH's pax. TK also has the benefit of OD in beyond KUL traffic at this end and almost the whole of Europe at their IST hub.
  20. Lovely addition, but why that schedule (or rather most flights to and from SOQ)?
  21. More like responding to MAVCOM's requirements Remind me again, why do we need less regulation (and be more business friendly) in the aviation industry?
  22. MH is already flying 330 once a day to SIN. Either there's a sudden surge in demand or they are trying to drown out competitors (I don't see how Mavcom will approve this if they are just flooding capacity). OD was also approved for 42 weekly SZB-XSP back in April. Other notable news: Returned Air Traffic Rights: OD: 7 weekly BKI-MYY and KCH-MYY each MH: KUL-DPS 7x weekly and KUL-BKK 4 weekly (seasonal flights?). It's still bookable until October.
  23. You are right! I didn't know a legacy European carrier would actually do that on long-haul flight to Asia!
  24. I agree that different salary levels isn't a barometer, but in this case, they were trying to reduce cost (for more profits to please Wall Street, who knows?) and Boeing subcontracted their coding to another company. From Bloomberg's article: I am sure Boeing engineers are able to code it properly (as they have for the past few decades) but getting lower cost coders seems a little bit too enticing. I'll give Boeing the benefit of the doubt that they assumed that the work of an outsourced coder and a Boeing coder are the same but it didn't turn out that way. Sometimes getting the lowest cost possible doesn't do great things for the company. Penny wise, pound foolish?
  25. What's the difference? Airline ticket prices changes constantly. With MH, if you miss a sale/promo fare, it'll be back in 1-2 weeks. Plus minus a few ringgits here and there. But I am waiting for the comparison
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