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  1. london heathrow cant even beat KLIA? i was surprised.
  2. care to elaborate more on that particular stories guys? what is the thing there. and how did the story even appeared at the first place.
  3. I heard there is some supernatural stories about 9M-MPK aircraft. Care to elaborate more guys? just curious.
  4. Shahiez


    I think MAS have some female pilots. not sure though.
  5. Hi guys. I've seen several ITVV videos and in some cases such as Air France, KLM i dont think they use English when talking to ATC. I thought english is a standard language for pilot and atc to communicate. am i wrong here or those countries allowed their pilot to speak their mother-tongue language?
  6. with so many airlines at that time, why must Korean Airlines become the one that being attacked by USSR? its not once, but twice. I see some hidden conspiracy here.
  7. Tragedi 4 Disember reminded me back when i was in form 2. haha
  8. yeah. its definitely terrible for her family. started 1 day on the job and gone. plus this episode consists of good looking pilots and crew..haha...
  9. Watched Eagle Flight 4184 on ACI. I never thought there is problem with ATR72 when it flying through icing condition. Thank god malaysia have warm climate if not, i won't fly with fireflyz ever again...
  10. My mistake there. I should said AIRBUS's fly by wire system. Airbus system is quite different from Boeing. B777 has fly by wire system in different way which mean the signal you put on rudder or yoke is converted into electrical impulse which sent the signal to the motor at ailerons or rudder.Not with conventional cabelling system. Airbus system is more like AI platform. When it think it going to crash, it will counterback by itself and pilot can't input any control what so ever. This is the problem when the gyroscope is damaged and the plane might think it stalling while its not and sent the plane into diving. p/s: I just wanted to ask here why stalling at 35k feets is almost impossible to recover?
  11. Shahiez


    Sultan Ismail Petra still not die yet...
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