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  1. MASwings newest addition ATR72-600 Reg 9M-MYC will be arriving BKI on 13th August
  2. Wow!! More "white elephant projects"! and do more ecological damage to Sarawak!! Man made dams, lakes and islands are considered as "natural attractions"!!
  3. Hmmmm... Probably TF is lobbying the Ministry of Transport for the route to be given to the reds instead?
  4. Source:http://finnair.inoob.fi/angry-birds/?page_id=52 I'm expecting this A340-300 flight would be painted in Angry Birds livery to mark this special occasion.
  5. Great post Iwan A very useful guide for those who are planning to spot during LIMA..
  6. KUL - BKI route is doing good as well...
  7. Chaity's Air Zimbabwe shot is the Top 5 of the last 24 hours in Airliners.net Congrats Chaity... Woohoo
  8. The news from Borneo Post which has a photo of the crash. Anyone knows what is the registration of that aircraft?
  9. According to Malaysian Aeronautical Information Circular AIC 02 / 2010 Private Flight Or General Aviation Operations In Malaysia (Malaysian And Foreign Registered Aircraft) 5. SAFETY OVERSIGHT FUNCTION 5.1 In order to maintain effective safety oversight to general aviation operations of foreign registered aircraft, the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), Malaysia requires that the aircraft is to be registered under Malaysian registry if their principle base is in Malaysia and has been operating in the country more than six (6) months. 5.2 For foreign registered aircrafts currently operating in Malaysia and has exceeded the period of six (6) months, the operator or the owner, with immediate effect shall initiate the process to register the aircraft into the Malaysian registration. In the event that the operator or the owner fails to register the foreign registered aircraft, DCA shall be notified of the reason(s) for non registration. For extended stay in Malaysia, the following conditions have to be met: a) Ensuring that the minimum aircraft airworthiness standards are maintained. b. Ensuring and validating the airworthiness certificate for the aircraft (C of A). c) Overseeing the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft according to the standards, regardless of where it is operated in the world. d) Ensuring that personnel performing maintenance work on the aircraft meets the minimum experience, knowledge and skill requirements in accordance with the requirements. e) Ensuring that flight crew operating the aircraft meets the minimum experience, knowledge and skill requirements to safely operate the aircraft in accordance with the requirements. f) Ensuring that operational personnel related with the aircraft operation continues to meet the standards practice. g) Ensuring timely and appropriate actions are in place to correct all deficiencies highlighted by the flight crew on the maintenance of the aircraft and its operation. h) Informing the organisation responsible for the type design on the faults, malfunctions, defects and other occurrences that cause or might cause adverse effects on the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft. i) Ensuring that mandatory continuing airworthiness information from the State of Design is assessed and appropriate action is taken in a timely manner. j) To report to DCA on any incident or accident occurred to the aircraft.
  10. yangjie

    BKI 2011

    Can see another one in the background coming in to land Nice shot
  11. yangjie

    BKI 2011

    I like the shot of the Orion It's operated by US Navy
  12. For those who understand Chinese language, can look at this news report
  13. C'mon they can't be more serious!! There will definitely be conflict of interest if this happens. All MH needs to do is to hire someone as good as TF who can really run the show, instead of letting some jokers running it.
  14. yangjie

    BKI 2011

    Great shot there Waiping! Going for spotting later?? Runway 20 is in use most of the time since yesterday, might be due to Tropical Storm Muifa over the eastern Pacific Ocean. Maybe can go over turf club's bridge and try to get Jason's SHOT
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