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  1. A few cabin shots of Kingfisher Airlines. (Click on the images below for a larger view) A-320 VT-KFC A-319 VT-KFJ - Vivek
  2. Awesome shots KC! That AI A332 now operates the AI442/443 flight from/to BOM. It earlier used to operate the BOM-MAA-SIN flight for IC after the A300s were phased out. - Vivek
  3. Congratulations on the 3rd anniversary to all of you! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!!! Keep up the spirit and let the good times roll............ - Vivek
  4. Yep, Air India uses the 743 Combi on the BOM-DEL-NRT route. - Vivek
  5. Nice shots! The IAF helicopter type is "Dhruv" Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) buit by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in India. It is an advanced multirole helicopter currently in service with the Indian military. The IAF Dhruv aerobatics team is called "Sarang" which is the Sanskrit name for peacock. Consisting of four Dhruv helicopters, it is one of only three helicopter display teams in the world. - Vivek
  6. Nice shots guys! BTW, how serious is the problem with the authorities asking you to leave repeatedly? I am sure they know you pretty well by now. Have they warned you with legal action or something?
  7. Saudi Arabian 747-300, HZ-AIR - Vivek
  8. Lovely shots Azahan!! Thank you....... - Vivek
  9. Latest from BOM! Enjoy!!! Air India 747-400 VT-ESP "Ajanta" in the new colour scheme http://www.airliners.net/photo/Air-India/B...-437/1354385/L/ Nose shot of Aeroflot 767-300 VP-BWU http://www.airliners.net/photo/Aeroflot---...7-ER/1351572/L/ Gulf Air 767-300 in the Golden Falcon colours http://www.airliners.net/photo/Gulf-Air/Bo...6-ER/1342202/L/ - Vivek
  10. Well, Kingfisher Airlines has ordered five A380s for their fleet. So Vijay Mallya can get to experience the whalejet as well. As an offtopic note, Kingfisher Airlines will get delivery of their first widebodies (A330-200s and A340-500s) starting July 2008. - Vivek
  11. Thanks Seth! Kingfisher A321s usually operate the BOM-DEL & BOM-GOI route.
  12. A view of the Business Class cabin on Kingfisher Airlines A321. - Vivek
  13. Thanks Logendran! Here are some pics from Ahmedabad (AMD/VAAH) Air India (Flyglobespan) 767-300 Air Sahara B737-800 Spicejet B737-900ER "Anise" Jet Airways B737-800 - Vivek
  14. Some more from BOM: Here's one dedicated to all "MalaysianWingers" Ex MAS 744, now Air India VT-AIS "Sanchi" Saudi Arabian 777 holding on "A4" while an Emirates 777 holds on "Hotel" Air India 777-300ER, VT-ALK "Chhattisgarh" Emirates SkyCargo 747-400F - Vivek
  15. Here is our spotting location - BOM's very own "Observation Hill" (marked by the black arrow) Some more pics from BOM: An Air Deccan A320 sporting an ad for "Zee TV" Sri Lankan A320 Deccan ATR-42 in the new livery Cessna Citation owned by Jindal Steel Industries World Airways Cargo MD-11F Gulf Air 767 - Golden Falcon livery Korean Air 747-400F Spicejet's first 737-900ER Enjoy! - Vivek
  16. Couple more from BOM: (Click on the images below for a larger view) Oman Air 737-800 First Air India A330-200, VT-IWA Enjoy! Vivek
  17. Thank you TK, Pieter, T Azahan and Fitri for your kind comments! @TK- Delhi was nice, but the fog season has begun and the visibility, especially in the mornings is really bad. Here are a few pics from DEL. A private Canadair Challenger, N607RP: Air India Regional ATR-42, VT-ABE.The first photo of this airline Air India Cargo 737-200, VT-EGI Here is an exclusive shot of the interior of the new Air India Airbus A321, which I flew on from BOM to DEL. - Vivek
  18. Air India's latest A319, and the first one in the new colours. VT-SCG. (Click on the image below for a larger view) - Vivek
  19. Currently, Vijay Mallya - the owner of Kingfisher owns a controlling stake of 26% in Air Deccan. The new livery of Air Deccan is a part of the re-branding of the airline. Air Deccan will now be known as "Simplifly Deccan" There is another agenda behind this buyout.... Kingfisher has A330-200s, A340-500s and A380s on order. The first widebodies are to be delivered starting this December. According to Indian law, an airline needs to operate domestically for five years before getting a permission to fly international routes. Deccan would complete five years of operation in January 2008, and would get permission to fly abroad. With the controlling stake, Mallya would be able to fly international under the Deccan brand name! Interesting isn't it?? - Vivek
  20. Few more from BOM: Ethiopian Cargo 757F on taxiway A4 Air India A310 backtracking on runway 14 Indian Airlines A319 tail close-up UPS 767F taxiing towards A4 - Vivek
  21. A few more from BOM: A Challenger 604 belonging to Raymond Aviation Ltd: BA Triple Seven: Air India (erstwhile Indian Airlines) A321: Kingfisher A319: Jet Airways 777-300ER coming in from LHR. Really bad light! Air India 777-200ER titled "Megh Malhaar" Saudia 747-300 leading a queue of aircraft on to taxiway A4. Enjoy! - Vivek
  22. 25th October 2007. On the SIN-SYD sector. - Vivek
  23. A few more from BOM: The first Jet Airways B737-700 in the new livery. Jet Airways' first 777-300ER Air India Boeing 777-200ER, "Megh Malhaar" Air India (Indian Airlines) first A321 in the new AI livery
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