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  1. Is 360 for one way mhupgrade for a domestic 2hr flight a good price? My return fare is 290 lol
  2. new addition Cathay Dragon A330 Jetstar Asia A320
  3. NST/BH interviews the pilot https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2017/06/253031/i-was-not-panicking-i-was-only-thinking-passengers-safety-pilot-airasia-x Few quotes from the article: he heard a sound which he took to be a collision between two metals Ibrahim’s checks on the engine confirmed his theory, and he and his co-pilot, Vincent Low, shut down the engine before turning right and sending a mayday signal to the air traffic control centre in Perth. “But when we were doing this, there was suddenly a terrible vibration. I and my assistant discussed the matter and looked at the position of the plane while considering our various options. “We decided to reduce our speed to the minimum level allowed to reduce the vibration – but it did not work. The emergency that we were undergoing did not require immediate landing. Based on Airbus’ and AirAsia’s SOP (standard operating procedure), emergency landings are permissible in cases involving fire and smoke. “I had also not landed at Geraldton or Learmonth (because I was not familiar with) their locations or runways, and the plane was heavy. There was also a possibility that more equipment would get damaged in landing,” he added.
  4. One KA FA friend told me Turnaround flight 11hours duty and they have at least one flight every month Overnight flight also quite bad worst case arrive KL at night then next morning 8am fly again KL pax more demanding but understandable as KL is main city like Hongkong compared to PEN pax who are easy going
  5. Teo

    Bargain Fares

    Singapore Airlines have pretty good deal last week at their 70 hours flash deal KL/KK to Hongkong 691.1 Cathay is going for 1k
  6. Teo

    Bargain Fares

    Cathay Dragon KL-Hongkong Rm558 return, good deal?
  7. now I should update mine Airasia - A320, B737-300 Tigerair - A320 Royal Brunei - Boeing 767-300, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 777-200, A319, A320 MASwings - ATR72 Silkair - A319 Singapore Airlines - Boeing 777-200 THAI Airways - Boeing 777-200, A300-600 Malaysia Airlines - Boeing 737-400, Boeing 737-800, Fokker 50 Malindo - Boeing 737-900 ANA - A320, Boeing 767, Boeing 787 Dreamliner
  8. The Sultan seems to enjoy flying Dreamliner haha http://borneobulletin.com.bn/his-majesty-flies-plane-with-bruneis-first-all-female-crew/
  9. Some new features of RB A320ceo 1.USB port below the seat (didn't know this until I saw an Instagram posting) 2. Impian wireless entertainment which can be streamed to your own device ( not a lot of selections for music,quite adequate for movies and TV show for short regional flight) 3. Preferred seats - 1st few rows of economy class are blocked as preferred seat and separated by a curtain divider
  10. According to the Muhibah magazine new A320 leased from AWaS is expected to come to service sept/oct.anyone experienced it?
  11. Royal Skies rebranding ROYAL Skies, Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) frequent flyer programme, yesterday introduced new benefits and privileges to its members as part of its rebranding efforts. In his speech, deputy chairman of Royal Brunei Airlines Dermot Mannion said that the airline is very grateful for the loyalty and support for its Royal Skies members. “We are also very confident that the rebranded Royal Skies programme will over time surprise and delight our members with a variety of new features,” he said at a gala event held at The Empire Hotel and Country Club yesterday. The rewards and benefits are such as instant flight redemptions, ability to purchase tickets using cash and miles, availability of redemptions at participating Royal Skies partners. Royal Skies also launched new designs for its membership cards in shades of blue, silver and gold to denote membership tiers. In a press statement released by RB, Elite Gold card members will benefit immediately from non-expiring of miles and complimentary Elite Gold status extension. It also said that eligibility to earn miles will shortly be extended to a wider variety of fare categories which will benefit Royal Skies members in all tiers. “A major part of the rebranding process include the transformation of Royal Skies Service Centre located at RB Plaza in the capital,” it said adding that a new elite lounge is undergoing development to cater the needs of members in a very relaxed atmosphere. In an interview with The Brunei Times, Karam Chand, RB’s chief commerce and planning officer said that it is part of the corporate branding initiative to rebrand Royal Skies. “As you know we introduce our new brand couple of years ago and this brand has been progressing… rolled out across our entire products and services,” he said. “(These are) such as change in the aircraft, cabin crews and other customer services areas like our airport and the customer service centre.” Karam also said that the whole idea of the loyalty programme is to engage with loyal frequent customers and create a value for them and keep them engaged with its goods and services. “That is the intention (of the loyalty programme)… The idea is to keep our offering compelling for them so as to make them stay and loyal with us. Up to date, we have over 170 thousand Royal Skies memberships,” he said. The rebranding process also includes the transformation of Royal Skies Service Centre and new heritage uniform collection used by Commercial, Royal Skies and Ground staff. In 2014, the national flag carrier received distinction in the 2014 REBRAND 100 Global Awards, which honour the most successful brand transformations worldwide. The gala event saw the presentation of awards to a number of Royal Skies loyal elite members namely in Best High Flyer Award, Best Elite Newcomer, Best Junior Elite Traveller and Best International High Flyer Award.
  12. saw an A350 at changi airport today
  13. from an email i received from Royal Skies: http://brunei.frequentflyer.aero/index.php/component/content/article/285 Greetings from Royal Brunei Airlines, Exclusively for our Royal Skies Members, We are delighted to announce that Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) plans to resume flights to Ho Chi Minh City with the frequency of four times a week effective Saturday, 17 October 2014. Flight bookings to experience Vietnam’s bustling city can be made starting today, 25th July 2014.
  14. this must be the joke of the day:NST political stance is well known but this coming from them ... ''An AirAsia Airbus 330 skidded off the runway upon touch down in Brunei International Airport. even copy and paste also wrong lol! anyway, from Borneo Bulletin: 627 passengers are in KK now quote: According to Royal Brunei, diverted passengers have been provided accommodation with ground staff facilitating the transportation of 627 passengers to hotels in Kota Kinabalu.
  15. http://www.flyroyalbrunei.com/blog/2014/07/07/royal-brunei-airlines-flight-disruptions-due-to-brunei-international-airport-closure-2nd-media-release/ flights cancelled,flights diverted to KK,Miri
  16. Teo

    Bargain Fares

    http://www.flyroyalbrunei.com/malaysia/2014/03/12/buy-now-pay-less-2/ ex BKI via BWN London 2,954 Dubai 1,887 Melbourne 1,789
  17. to add on BI,although its very rare to see nasi lemak on BI.
  18. SilkAir launches wireless inflight entertainment trial Regional wing of SIA to trial streaming content to customers’ tablets, smartphones on one of its aircraft PUBLISHED: 26 DECEMBER, 1:34 PM SINGAPORE — SilkAir, Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) regional wing, announced today (Dec 26) that it is starting a trial to allow its onflight multimedia content to be streamed wirelessly to customers’ laptops, tablets and smartphones. The trial will begin on one of its Airbus A32- aircraft, and will be complimentary for its customers. SilkAir added that it looks forward to introducing this system across its aircraft fleet by next year upon a successful trial. SilkAir plans new routes to tap travel demandSINGAPORE — SilkAir had a rather bumpy ride last year and may have failed to see concrete returns from its capacity injection in 2013 to develop new markets, but the regional wing of Singapore Airlines is determined to press on. Plans are already underway to push up capacity even more and launch new routes this year to meet the growing travel demand in South-east Asia. It will focus on growing its key markets in China, India and Indonesia, Vice-President for Commercial Ryan Pua told TODAY at an event detailing activities for its 25th anniversary this year. “We have 12 points in Indonesia. For the time being, that should be sufficient, but we might add one or two more in the next two to three years,” he said. “For China and India, we expect to add one or two more points this year. Details are being finalised and we hope to announce them soon.” At least two new destinations — Kalibo in the Philippines and Mandalay in Myanmar — have already been confirmed for this year, following 2013’s additions of Semarang, Makassar and Yogyakarta in Indonesia. SilkAir’s network now includes 45 cities in 12 countries. “This ambition reflects our reading of this market. Asia will be the growth engine of the world; everyone is coming here … With more-than-one-billion populations in China and India, (travel demand) will have to grow. That’s why we will be expanding — either increasing frequency to existing cities or launching new points,” Mr Pua said. SilkAir aims to grow capacity by double digits annually. In the first half of its current financial year, from April to September last year, it increased capacity by 14.4 per cent. For the entire year, the increase will be around 12 to 13 per cent, Chief Executive Leslie Thng said. Despite the airline’s ambitions, aggressive capacity injection was the main drag on SilkAir’s first-half operating profit, which plunged 41.1 per cent year-on-year to S$21.8 million. “For our new routes, we will need some time and resources to create awareness and demand in the market. That will have impact on our results, but we believe we’re doing this for the company for the long term,” Mr Thng said, adding that the three Indonesian routes launched last year had “decent” load factors. Marking its silver anniversary celebrations, SilkAir will take delivery of the first aircraft in its new fleet of 54 Boeing 737s early next month. A total of eight planes are expected this year, with the remaining aircraft to be delivered by the end of this decade. “Thirty-one of these will be the next generation 737 Max 8s, which will be ready in 2017-18. They will come with bigger engines and allow us to fly further,” Mr Thng said. “These aircraft show our commitment to maintain a young and modern fleet, and, at the same time, to continue our expansion in this region.”
  19. from TODAyonline SilkAir testing wireless in-flight entertainment systemSINGAPORE — SilkAir is testing a wireless in-flight entertainment system on one of its Airbus A320 aircraft, which will allow passengers to stream multimedia content such as movies, television programmes and music directly onto their personal devices while on board their flight. These devices include laptops, the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod as well as Android tablets and smartphones. Access to the in-flight content, which will complement the airline’s existing overhead entertainment system, is free, said SilkAir, the regional arm of Singapore Airlines (SIA). “This initiative was introduced based on feedback from customers who wanted access to more in-flight entertainment options on our flights,” said SilkAir’s Chief Executive Leslie Thng. If the trial is successful, SilkAir will introduce the system across its aircraft fleet by next year, he added. In addition to customers’ feedback, SilkAir said it will be monitoring technical performance of the wireless streaming during the trial. A growing number of airlines are tapping wireless streaming to upgrade their in-flight service. Virgin Australia, for example, is progressively rolling out wireless in-flight entertainment across its domestic and international short-haul fleet. The system is offered on selected flights operated by equipped Boeing 737-800 aircraft. SilkAir’s move is the latest in a series of initiatives to woo customers amid intense competition. Last month, SIA and SilkAir raised baggage limits, allowing travellers an extra 10kg allowance for check-in luggage. Other projects initiated by SIA include a US$50-million (S$63.4 million) plan to offer in-flight connectivity and new cabin products.
  20. http://bt.com.bn/letters-editor/2013/12/24/rb-must-be-wary-over-indulging-building-mountains-fixed-capital-costs A Letter to Editor
  21. from Irish Independent Royal Brunei Airlines may seek out an equity partner next year, according to the deputy chairman of the Far East carrier, Dermot Mannion.Speaking to the Irish Independent, Mr Mannion said that the past two years had been spent right-sizing Royal Brunei in the face of steep competition in south-east Asia. The number of staff at the airline has been reduced from 2,000 to 1,500, while about $100m (€73m) has been cut from its cost base. Royal Brunei will take delivery of another two Dreamliners between January and February, and by April next year aims to be the first airliner to use an all-787 aircraft-fleet on its long-haul network. Mr Mannion said a decision about an order for about 10 short-haul aircraft would be made by the end of the year. He said he'd be holding meetings with both Boeing and Airbus officials in the next two weeks to finalise an order. Asked if he'd be open to developing close ties with a larger carrier via either a partnership or another airline taking a stake in Royal Brunei, Mr Mannion said he would explore such opportunities next year. "We will be looking at a joint venture opportunity and a cross-equity shareholding," he said. "We'll look at that in 2014. It will be the next phase of development." He said such options would suit Royal Brunei "strategically". He added that Royal Brunei was "open to having dialogue" with other "like-minded" airlines. from Arabian Business Mannion says it is also looking to refresh its short-haul fleet from six into “double figures”. It is looking at the Boeing 737-MAX jet and Airbus A320neo, with a decision expected by the end of the year and delivery, hopefully, around 2015. Mannion says it has not ruled out re-establishing routes back to Australian cities after axing flights to Brisbane and Perth, along with its flight to Auckland in New Zealand. However, if re-introduced it will use the next-generation, single-aisle aircraft, which is better for range and fuel economics. He confirms it is also looking at extra route opportunities to China and southern India, in addition to the 10 Asian cities it services such as Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. “So, in terms of the next four or five years our focus is much more on developing regional expansion,” he says. Mannion says Royal Brunei has not ruled out a strategic partnership with a single airline, “which may well be in our best interests”. What form and with which airline is “a subject for another day”. But, he isn’t interested in joining any existing alliances, which in his experience does not favour smaller airlines.
  22. if the regional airline is like Silk Air flying to smaller cities or should i say more exotics destinations.it might work. err Brunei-Bali? Brunei-Langkawi, Brunei-Penang? maybe
  23. according to Focus Malaysia, MAS CEO said that 777 will be replaced by A380 and maybe a few Airbus 330 series (if i read it correct its either 332 or 333) i think replacing 777 with A380 might not make sense in certain routes where load are not so high
  24. last yr,they said they were considering even bombardier and embraer
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