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  1. Damn .. that is sad news .. Thanks for the link Alan ..
  2. That's the spirit Han! For me, i've busted my spm, so, no point applying ..
  3. Apply apply apply, all the best ! Hahaha ... Maybe Subra will conduct the interview .. good luck ..
  4. Khaled, Congratulation .. I have two words for ya .. ECAM ACTIONS! Nabiel, Thanks for the pictures ..
  5. Great stuff from LTBA .. Thanks Hakan!
  6. Well, i'm just glad that everybody is safe .. Kudos to the crew .. Funny thing is .. me and gavin had our moment with hyd failure on the A320 yesterday night .. lol ..
  7. I'm not sure about you guys, but for me its always an amazement to see the "ef one eleven" main landing gear .. so damn fat? .. Ian, great stuff .. more please ..
  8. Well, I for once glad that they retire the old bird .. Hope IAA and TAA will follow a.s.a.p ..
  9. I don't think wx radar can detect air pocket .. I hope the ex-mh capt and the rest of the crews and passengers are ok .. as for the 2 fs, get well soon ..
  10. Hmm, i think i know who's that bloke is .. hehe .. Bro Faizal, I think this simulator engineer/technician is not really an IT kinda line .. Its more towards mechanical/electronics field .. I wish i had your job though! Gotta do some research paper on IPv6 this semester, any tips ..?
  11. Bro, Most simulator the pre-2005 era is equip with no more than an average linux/win2000 server .. The reflectone used a VxWorks RTOS (with POSIX RT extension) and 604e RISC based processor .. sigh! (Modded WRT54G use the same OS, too bad mine is v7, can't mod) .. But the development machine are usually on NT based machine .. Nothing impressive as computing are concern really .. Datacenter/Research center is where all the goodies are .. p/s, QNX with UltraSPARC T2 would be yummy though ..
  12. Good shots man .. fantastic ..
  13. BHOY .. I'm glad nothing serious happen ..
  14. Alan, We outta go to the roof and do some shots .. Got access to the roof ah ..?
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