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  1. Hello Waiping, Currently ANA are flying the 787 between Tokyo Haneda and Frankfurt. Domestic routes include Haneda - Hiroshima, Haneda - Okayama, Haneda - Osaka Itami, Haneda - Yamaguchi. There may be others.
  2. Hi, Here are a few 787 photos from February. Flew this aircraft from Haneda to Hiroshima. Here it departs HIJ back to HND. JA807A being pushed off the gate at HND. JA807A Premium class. Economy class. The very friendly cabin crew kindly showed me the mood lighting in the economy cabin. Ian
  3. Thanks to AirAsia X for sending XXF to Perth to farewell 2011!
  4. Iggy, Excellent coverage of the new public viewing area at Perth. Ian
  5. Nice coverage of movements in July guys. Did anyone capture the AN12 that visited about one week ago? This Legacy visited today under gloomy skies. Ian
  6. Hi, Here are a few of my last photos from Perth for 2010. Brunei 772s V8-BLE & BLD A rare chance to see the Toll 737 freighter in action in daylight. Happy New Year Ian
  7. 01-0015 'Spar 55' arrived 09 December. VH-SSA visited last month.
  8. Hi, A couple of photos from this Sunday morning, with Rwy 06 used for arrvials due to strong Easterly winds. Springbok 280 from JNB. 9M-XXC heading home to KL.
  9. Hi, The Emirates A380 finally departed approx 1630. The weather was not the best, with sun & rain on & off. Two members of the Airbus family. Nice sun for the taxi to Rwy 21 Lights out.
  10. Well done Greg. Great photos of USS GW. Did you go with Howard?
  11. Hi, Perth experienced stormy weather this weekend, and today most of the arrivals and departures were on Rwy 24. Here's proof that Perth is not always blessed with blue skies. Springbok 280 (ZS-SLE) lands Rwy 24. Immediately followed by 'Reach 214' USAF C-17 00-00185 from Townsville, Queensland. Thai 997 'Royal Barge' HS-TEK. A couple of Rwy 24 departures. SQ226 Departs after a passing rain shower.
  12. Well done KC on catching the 9M-XAC 'Oakland Raiders' departure ...finally. If only it had departed 3 days and 3 hours earlier on 20R! Ian
  13. Hi Ignatius, The MH 777 also landed on Rwy 06 today, unfortunately I got a phone call at the critical time & missed the relevant ATC & thus missed the photo! The other International heavys requested 03
  14. Hi, A few shots from this Easter weekend. Runway 03 & 06 operations most of the time, and Airbus now dominates the international movements. 1st visit of 9V-STA to Perth on 11 Apr 09. G450 VP-BTB inbound Rwy 03 from Singapore. Rwy 06 arrivals in the pm are an uncommon event in PER, however they provide a nice change of photographic angle. Ian
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