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  1. Including tax etc? I think the deal I got (QR) is very good, around MYR3400 for 1 year open return.
  2. Edwin it's Qatar Airways. KUL 7.45 DOH 1055 DOH 1230 LHR 1855 This is the itenerary if Im not mistaken. Nice timing, but I feel like taking Eva Air, To taipei, then take B773ER to LHR. Sounds very interesting, but the fare is quite expensive.
  3. Too bad it's not 1 year open. I booked mine, KUL LHR 1 year open, MYR2800++ on QR
  4. Mice onboard 767, not few but hundreds?! That could be catastrophic
  5. Im familiar with MD11 and DC10, wow I dint know there's MD10
  6. Hmm this is complicated. Slim down the fleet, get rid of the underutilized planes. Retrench!
  7. So it only affects domestic flights? This is confusing
  8. MAS send 734 to HKG? Wow dint know that
  9. Thanks for the URL Indeed the logo is wayyyyyyyy too small. Expect passangers to see it when they board the plane, from the aerobridge.
  10. POV of an aviation enthusiast : PLEASE DO NOT HARM THE BEAUTIFUL AIRCRAFTS!!!
  11. The photo of Lavender in Hakkaido is absolutely stunning. Can I have a copy to be used as my wallpaper?
  12. I saw that on ACI too.. they were honoured for protecting their ship. Maybe to them the lives of Iranian people worth less.
  13. Yeap I saw that too soon after I check the price of MAS. SQ is much cheaper than MAS IMO, was quoted MYR2128 for 2pax. (Thats exactly what I need, going with my mum to HKG, thats GV2 fare I believe). MYR670 fare + MYR 394 tax and fees. Fare is cheaper than MAS, ++ also cheaper than MAS. Most likely I'll go for this one. Moreover it's valid for 14days, not 7. Btw, how do I know how much is the tax++ of MAS' supersaver? After selecting my destination, I was directed to the flight booking page, after choosing the flights I was quoted MYR1600++ each to HKG.
  14. Just watched the ACI episod on this one. What a catastrophe. May them rest in peace. Victims, and the air controller.
  15. KUL-HKG from MYR750 looks like a good deal to me. Plus around MYR450 it should be MYR1200/pax. Good deal! I wonder if TG has similar offer. I wish to take TG and trasit/stopover at Don Muang before it got replaced by the new airport.
  16. Wow very nice pictures you have there Aaron Thanks
  17. Mind if I ask, which part of an aircraft is that in the last picture?
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