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  1. Look, i recently found out that idscovery channel is the less objective channel of the three, even animal planet is more objective. They claimed that internet was invented by americans, the 747-100 is the biggest airplane ever made, the fastest and with the longer range. They also said that the japoneese were responsible of hiroshima. Not to mention their political documentaries.
  2. Benjamin can i use your papa delta and the AAB pics please? for graphic design.
  3. SIA has a nicer buisnes class..... But MH staff nice Anyways any of you guys know which class is H class? please don't ignore it!!
  4. I think calling this crash the crash of the century is wrong. The crash of the century is this one.
  5. I was rather expecting this This is true and effient FAXing
  6. When can i expect heavy traffic?
  7. Hi, i'm planing to do spoting at KLIA soon, but i'd like some advice, as this will be my very first spotting. Any recomendations on the date? i'd like to see the blue whale or hibbie... and a nice weather. Please help me in order to makethis a hell of a day. In short, i need and10t's guide for spotting!
  8. ah, still paying.... nothing free?
  9. Hi, i ws wondering if there was another way than Airnav to track flights? Thx.
  10. Can i ask something? is there anyone here working at Airbus' designers?
  11. Worst NIGHTMARE??? i've only been in a sim once and it was the second best thing that happened to me this school year!!!??
  12. Woaw, i though SQ were mad against airbus! well, that is good news!!!
  13. TWO HIBBIES????? This is the End.... LOL, jk, though it is bad. such a plane should be unique, not copied again! How about a full fleet of hibbies and heliconias? how should the 330 and 734 be painted then?
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