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  1. Aww.... the QR flight info on its website has changed, the flight I booked is no longer operated by A346, but a A332. Kinda disappointed, but hopefully the A332 has satelitte tv onboard!
  2. Travelling on QR on this route next month. Have not been on any of these, would vote when I complete my flight.
  3. Good pictures! May I ask, was the B744 moving or stall?
  4. Third major airline.. govt or private one?
  5. Hmm.. so, no hand luggage for flight going into LHR as well? Gosh, I might be going there this Sept, no extra check-in luggage weight allowance?
  6. Yeah managed to catch the 2pm replay. Indeed it's sad and tragic. When did this happen? I missed the 1st 10 minutes. In the 70s? I remember seeing an Air France B777, CO B767 and KLM B744.. in the programme
  7. 9V SMC has been transfered to China Airlines, then Iberia while 9V SME has been transfered to Iberia before reaching Oasis HK. Both of the planes 1st enter service on 1989, not new planes afterall.
  8. PTV, Hotmeal included, doesn't sound bad at all eh?
  9. Im not sure, thats what they claim. If you're lucky enough you might get it I guess.
  10. Ahh I see Sneeze, thanks for explaining, when I saw the world Chinese Army I thought this must be somewhere in mainland china
  11. Oasis HK Airlines Wow, low fare long haul airline. HK to Gatwick could go as low as HKD1000, which would be very cheap compared to CX's fare. Waiting for Sneeze's comment Oh, they purchased 2 B744 from SQ. Not bad eh
  12. Err.. Sneeze mind telling me which airport is VHSK? Where is it?
  13. I'd prefer a Anna Kournikova-like russian girl
  14. Wow TG's Y class looks really nice.
  15. That eliminates the Looney Toons characters. Ahh Im waiting for an Ultraman plane!!
  16. I rmb last time I fly MAS to Kunming, China there was PTV onboard. It was a 330
  17. Woei Shen

    Enola Gay

    Ah..I like the final part. Its a good brainwashing tool. Btw, better don't talk so much about politics or non aviation. Btw, Enola Gay was only escorted by a photography plane, and another one to film this 'historical' moment. Couldn't Japanese airforce intercept them? What would happen? Imagine having an Abomb triggered high above in the sky.
  18. Totally agree. Both of them are from different category.
  19. I believe they will. They haven't do Hello Kitty, Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Ultraman, Felix the Cat.. wow, so many cartoon characters to choose from
  20. Woei Shen

    Enola Gay

    Yeah it's the mother's name of the commanding officer, Capt Tibbet if im not mistaken. I thought DC was going to air the crash of the century, so ended up with this one. I still think its too harsh to drop this atomic bomb on Hiroshima, talk about human rights? How many lives of women and children this bomb has taken away? Bullcrap.
  21. Alas I thought it's on today, was so excited, but.. ahhh its on next week!
  22. Hmm I thought they were negotiating? Not accepted?
  23. Small but looks nice though. Oh.. engines not attached to fuselage but wings?! Wow
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