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  1. well said captain..regarding the cabin alt warning horn,the intermittent horn does make us have an 'indifferent' attitude to the horn because we hear the warning horn(albeit a steady one instead of an intermittent horn if you have t/o config warning or cabin alt warning)everytime in every flight when we deploy the flaps with the thrust levers still quite forward..i guess somehow ,this 'indifference'-ness played a role in this..imho, boeing should have included the condition==>cab alt above 10000' in the AIR CON,master caution sys..instead of it coming on only when the cab alt exceeds 13875' in which the AUTO FAIL light comes on and act the master caution sys.. anyway,personally..i feel that the pressurisation mode selector in our a/c doesn't seem to be quite distinct for such an important switch ....it's a black radial with a black narrow detent to indicate the mode u have selected..colleagues should know what i'm talking about..;-) just my 2 cents,cheers
  2. the ELT will be activated once it senses a high deceleration rate..provided the ELT panel on the Aft overhead panel in the flight deck is 'ARMED'..
  3. yup..with MAS.. cheers to all the fellow MH pilots in this forum! and u all too!
  4. dude....nono..i'm with the national carrier..
  5. the "annoying" horn comes on when you're not in a proper take off config and you have increased the thrust on the GRD to the extent of activating the horn..e.g speedbrake handle not stowed,parking brake set,LE devices not configured for t/o,flaps not in t/o posn,and stab trim not in the green band.. the horn also comes on during flight(a steady horn,similar to the t/o config horn) if you have not put down the LDG with flaps deployed.. when the flaps are between 1 to 10 with the thurst levers between idle and approx. 10 degrees thrust lever angle..it can be silenced with ldg gear warning horn cutout switch..with the flaps at 15,u can also silence the horn with either thrust levers between idle and 10 degrees while the opposite thrust lever is greater than 30 degrees..but with both thrust levers below 30 degrees..the horn cannot be silenced and u must lower the ldg.(usually we dont come to that situation..coz according to the NP we put the gears down 1st before lowering the gear at g/s capture)..and then after flaps 15,the horn will just sound like there's no tomorrow..'less u put the gears down or u pull out the corresponding circuit breaker.. complicated ? this is just part of being a pilot..
  6. the QRH..along with FCOM vol.1 ,vol.2,MH ops supplement are updated..the new recall items are quite redundant actually..every 737 pilot should be able to distinguish the landing config warning and the cabin alt warning horn in-flight..but i guess boeing is trying to be 'extra' safe after the helios accident which could've been simply avoided by proper training..
  7. sorry capt.my post was never intended to offend anyone.. you were right..people dont get any younger n we shouldn't be impatient to get promoted..this might means that promotion is slower but in return we all get to work 5 years more..which cancels it out..i just realized that...
  8. hmmmm 'other jobs which take less training and yet pay more?'..he's refering to the US..but what about in malaysia?any job that takes less training than a pilot needs and yet pays more ? lets discuss 1.lawyers(nope,they study hell a lot than we do and the starting pay won't be as high as RM8k per month i presume?) 2.doctors(nope,the 'training' part doesn't need to be discussed,and docs nowadays dont earn much especially if you're working for gov hospitals 'less ur a specialist doctor..) 3.engineers(no again,with 4 years of education and training at U compared to 2 years of a pilot,with a general starting pay of rm2k plus per month) the list goes on and on....but then again,i'm only talking on a 'general' sense...not specifically..so you can't refute me by saying that bill gates's in the IT field and he's the richest man in the world..
  9. and tenure for airline pilots have been increased to 65 years.. great news !but this would actually mean that the junior pilots will get promoted slower as natural attrition rate of pilots will be reduced..
  10. before i joined MH as tech crew,i was poor.. i couldn't afford MH's ticket prices so 99% of the time i take AK..ironic
  11. well i had the recent ad war that MH and AK is having in mind when i posted this thread..they are targeting the same market..the flying malaysian public.. i'm not asking you to compare MH with AK..i'm asking what MADE you decide to take an airline over the other.. it's different..
  12. please state your reasons for travelling by MH or AK.. i will go first.. 1.MH because i can buy the tickets with staff price.. 2.i have travelled on AK before and i can swear that MH's CC is way better!
  13. in fact,some of the capts have mentioned that it would be very hard to figure out where to put the cadets to..with hundreds of cadets altogether in langkawi,malacca,and kota bharu..you know,with the domestic route raionalisation and all..
  14. the best way to obtain a malaysian licence would be to get it in one of the 3 places: 1.HMA 2.MFA 3.Asia pacific blah blah(can't remember it's name ) in kota bharu
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