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  1. Nice photos bro. Make me miss home.. the sky is somehow super dark.. last weeks storm caused flash floods around kk according to my family.
  2. Theres an aviation account on twitter @Aircrashmayday saying the aircraft took off with several pitot tubes still covered thus the unreliable airspeed. Is this true?
  3. It is network wide reduction since last january. My morning 8am KUL-BKI flight was delayed more than an hour few weeks ago due to no cabin crew available. Strange... true enough the cabin crew arrived at our designated gate 45min post original departure time.
  4. It is but TWU is more than capable to handle it. Compare to KBR with smaller arrival hall. Sometimes Malindo/FY ATR can arrive at the same time on top of AK A320 and MH 738. To make it even worse on some cases of delays, 2 OD ATR can arrive and depart within 2 minutes of each other.
  5. I believe it is rare to have more than 2 AK a320s in TWU at one given time. Maybe its an execeptional situation where an aircraft is having a problem thus the 6hrs delay. Anyways I miss TWU, my hometown. Thx for the pics.
  6. Is it because AK refuse to pay for the aerobridges? I noticed from your pics the aerobridge gates are empty. Strange considering in Kota Bharu, AK uses aerobridge all the time, I think its due to high ATR traffic by FY and OD.
  7. Minimalist. Just like a lot of other airlines liveries nowadays..
  8. Agree with Mushrif. The tech is at least 20yrs old. Any train, whatever brand, will struggle into its 20s with its schedule running almost 24hrs a day with God knows how many pax. It really needs replacement but the question is, is there any train models out there that can replace this one which will fit the same powerplant and track design.
  9. 1. I think the tin can remarks is actually referring to hig density config of other carriers that offers umrah/haj to get better yield. 2. I gope MAS do offer some kind of business/ economy plus config if they do refurbish a380 because Malaysians not only sre capable of going to umrah akmost every yesr, theyre willing to pay more for comfort on the 9+ hours flight. I myself took up the option of paying extra 1k to travel on business seat in the a380 for both legs to and from Medina which I think was a steal.
  10. Strange theyre keeping a few of the non BSI and returning the BSI 738s.
  11. Great pics of the A350.. dont know when both of them will touch down on our beloved North Borneo soil again...
  12. Somebody uploaded on instagram if not mistaken the ground staff lined up near the tarmac to wave goodbye to the final flight of Cathay Dragon leaving BKI.
  13. MH F50, B732,B734, B738, A333,A332, A380, B777, DC10/MD11 AK 733, A320, A320Neo FY ATR Maswings ATR OD 738,739,ATR SJ 732, 734 BI A320,B777 GA 734,738 Wil try to get on those beautiful a350s of MH and also maswings Vikings soon..
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