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  1. Based on FR24, latest operated MH40 is on 29th June and the return flight MH41 on 30th June 2024
  2. in PB IG he mentioned that he is heading to Europe #airbus #a330 #gooddeals. Perhaps another news from airbus side...
  3. The first MAB A350 fresh from paint shop https://mobile.twitter.com/Frenchpainter/status/904783981090144257 Credit to #frenchpainter
  4. 2nd July flight to PEN was rescheduled from 2200hrs to 0105hrs..
  5. i think the booking is not yet open. try to book just now..
  6. Please share your experience if anyone has try flying with them :-)
  7. I think the travelling period starts in december as i just redeem a one way tix NRT-KUL on 9th dec for 16k miles
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