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  1. nas already codeshares with ETIHAD to KUL. They just haven't open reservations for their own service.
  2. MS has cancelled CAI KUL CGK flight. MS continues to fly CAI BKK KUL with 77W, 3 times a week (reduce from daily). CAI BKK CGK will be 4 weekly 77W.
  3. Proposed launch date for CGK and DPS: 23SEP13, 26SEP13.
  4. No it's not. Abu Dhabi is the very final destination, operating on 01DEC13.
  5. MH resumes Darwin service from 01NOV13 as MH253/252, Boeing 737-800 operates 5 times a week. From 27OCT13, MH begins Kochi with daily flight as MH118/119, 737-800 operating
  6. MH will change DXB schedule from 27OCT13. MH162 KUL1455 - 1825DXB 772 D MH163 DXB2015 - 0730+1KUL 772 D
  7. No. It happens with other carriers (even traditional carriers) too.
  8. SQ never flew to RGN with their own aircraft. Plus it's hardly a surprise since everyone is trying to grab a share of Myanmar market. TG added 3rd daily and will add 4th to RGN in Feb 2013.
  9. At first I thought it was a new flight too, but HKG KUL timing being identical (prior to removing MH074/5), it doesn't look right.
  10. Not quite. SQ305 from LHR departs at 1500hrs from 28OCT12....
  11. That only applies to those kids who are in extremely out of control situation, otherwise parents refuse to admit they can't control their kids unless they're "done" with them.
  12. S V Choong, you raised few valid issues. But given you already posed your opposition to this idea and calling it discrimination, raising these issues makes you looks like you're playing the blame game. I hope you don't teach your kids blaming other people when things doesn't go in your favour.
  13. S V Choong: No parents will ever say negative things about their kids to the general public (or friends), even if their kids are misbehaving and uncontrollable at home. It's all about "pride" and not willing to admit the problem of not being good parents. Yes, not all kids act like that, and you can call MH's policy discriminatory whatever you want even if it doesn't make sense. However, if a family travels with babies that cries on board or uncontrollable kids on the plane, they are discriminating other people by taking other people's rights to comfort away.
  14. Based on the past message board logics, those (parents) claims their kids are quiet and able to sleep through entire flight are usually the ones who can't control their kids on a flight. Just because you taught your kids travel etiquette well, it doesn't means others are doing the same thing. By the way, the news release and statement still doesn't address why they're not letting kids to sit on upper deck economy. Especially the way they stress children/family-friendly cabin is a bad PR image. Is SQ's A380 lower deck economy not children/family-friendly? What about Korean or Emirates? not friendly too?
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