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  1. Hey guys I really got the B772 as expected when flying TG425 for BKK-PEN on Christmas night
  2. Just saw one of these Dutchbird stopped and overnight in PEN on 16Dec 08'.. and now they are gone!
  3. Lee, was about to ask you when is the next FInnair flight coming in and there she came == Lee, will you be spotting tomorrow morning(later)?
  4. Anyone spotting tomorrow? I'll be on the TG426, out from PEN to BKK on A333 on 16Dec morning, which is tomorrow morning. Departs at 8.10am. Will be back to PEN from BKK on a B777-200 / B777-300 on 25Dec night. Touchdown at 10.40pm I was so surprised when I know we will be taking a B77/773 back to PEN from BKK!
  5. My family and I will be touching down at BKK from Melbourne on 22Dec. Hopefully everything will be alright soon
  6. I think I saw that Lauda too! It was on 24th Nov right? Or I saw the wrong a/c ? But I failed to recognize it that time, and now only i realize it.. By the wat, the CX I saw was an A330 instead of the B-HNG
  7. Is that correct that SQ only apply charges to the emergency exit row? I'm flying SQ 195 to SIN tomorrow for interview
  8. http://news.my.msn.com/oddities/article.as...umentid=1761554
  9. Huh..what a news! Who asks them to do so as they should know the risk?
  10. Huh..my hometown.. All I got last time is MH737 and SilkAir.. Lgk is International Airport but Silk Air is the only International Airlines who flies into LGK right?
  11. Wow great catch Bob! Just curious that what are you working as, Bob?
  12. Today, in Fly FM advertisement, I heard that AK will be serving route for 6 flights everyday ? 15 + 6 ??
  13. Huh..another one. I wonder why such accidents always happen on CI..
  14. I thought the news reported says that they got a bag of clothes(of the money changer's) ? Now it's a bag of mooncake?
  15. It's sad to see the photo he taken at the Batu Rakit himself when he was flying there last time..He posted that photo in his friendster profile and now he crashed at there..R.I.P
  16. Wow..Even you are here! haha Welcome aboard David!
  17. Tak ada langsung (Received nothing) Well I know MH is taking in cadets and some were and some are going for the tests continously over these few months.. So maybe lucks is still not with me too
  18. Uh..I guess I better acknowledge my father first..he got 3 "free" tickets from JetStar too =.=
  19. He is from another forum as I saw this name there before too Well, we prefer REAL NAME here in MalaysianWings. Thanks for cooperation
  20. Another milestone reached
  21. Thanks Irni. I will keep trying. Sure Adrian. Thanks for that and I'm looking forward for that too! See yea! Something inspirational for any other candidates who failed to get through to second stage( if ther is any),
  22. Oops I've received 2 same emails from AirAsia at around 11.30pm+.. and too bad I didn't make it..Good luck to others yea
  23. Still havent fix it up? But somehow I doubt bout it *off topic*
  24. Welcome Dato Perhaps next time we can make some arrangements with AK for a ramp visit So, anything else attached onto the roof?
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