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  1. What's problem to Rolls royce trent 900 ?? kinda a lot problems since the jumbo was launched.
  2. Our Malaysia Form 2 Novel : TRAGEDI EMPAT DISEMBER>>>
  3. don't expect too good for this new LCCT i think..... since it is LOW COST, it could be larger than the KLIA..but i dont think it is grander.......
  4. SEMENTARA sahaja...? if like that.....cant spotting next time already lo???
  5. finally this modern aircraft takeoff... this shape of this aircraft was absolutely...............beautiful!
  6. why don't parked it in the airport or other lower traffic airport... if wan to use still wan go the the dessert..... == haha
  7. keeping or throwing??? confused////==
  8. 30 NOV MH73 also 9M-MRL...... lolx~ finding anyone spotted the plane i boarded haha~
  9. zktai


    ok...will try tomorrow... hope it solves! thanks for you all helping me... otherwise.... i will be panic~ my mum also.... THANKS.that's why i like MasWIngs
  10. zktai


    JHB airport closure?? wat time??? i didn't heard that before.. urge..... because of chinese new year, i scare this ticket sold out.... for my information, on AK website wrote this: AirAsia is strictly a point-to-point carrier and shall not be responsible to you for any connecting flights or any loss incurred. lolx because of that time they have RM9 sale enroute JHB-KUL, or I will book the more expensive one,JHB-PEN, its more easier.
  11. zktai


    i mean i booked these flight on 25 JUN 2009 so what is the best solution~??? WHAT YOU MEAN ON SAME BOOKING REFERENCE????
  12. I have booked a Flight JHB-KUL AK5271 on 17 FEB 2010, wants to connect with flight KUL-PEN AK 5364. on 25 Jun 2009 AK5271 depart on 0905, arrive on 0950 AK5364 depart on 1450, arrive on 1540 after that, AirAsia retimed to AK5271 depart on 1400, arrive on 1450 AK5364 depart on 1525, arrive on 1615 the transit period from 4 hours turns to 35 mins..... how come... anyone can help me??? how to solve this??? If I web check-in the flight AK5364 one day before, is it safe??? HELP PLS!!!!URGENT!
  13. i hav Ak A320 and B737 mas cockpit's photos~ anyone wants to see?
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