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  1. Reversers activated in flight? Unlikely. More like total power loss, plane glided in missing the top of the perimeter fence, landed hard after stalling a few feet above ground, gear collapsed from the stall, slid on the engine nacellles and belly and stopped short of beginning of runway. With no undercarriage, it couldn't have slid further than that.
  2. Attan

    LIMA 2007 V2

    No, just for show I am not sure what plane is this Pilatus PC9 I think.
  3. Attan

    LIMA 2007 V2

    TK I was told on my flight to LGK that the submarine came from India. Too bad I couldn't meet up with you in Langkawi. It was a rush trip for me. Nice pics, guys. LIMA 07 Pics - Last Of Selection MISCELLANEOUS Lion Air's New Gen B737 Stepping Into The New Gen B737 Beautiful Winglet of B737NG For The Modellers - TUDM's Fixed Wings Armed Forces & Bomba - Chopper Models
  4. Attan

    LIMA 2007 V2

    more pics.... LIMA 07 Pics -Part 3 NEW AND LATEST Hawk EW Version? Sukhoi Su30MKM Su30MKM's Canard Su30MKM's Vectored Thrust Nozzles Hornets At Rest
  5. Attan

    LIMA 2007 V2

    LIMA 07 Pics -Part 2 NOT SO OLD IAF's Suryakirans (Sunrays) Red Arrows' Hawks RAAF's Secret Weapon RAAF's F111 Aardvark F5 Photo Recce?
  6. Attan

    LIMA 2007 V2

    My First 5 Pics From LIMA 2007 THE OLD FAITHFULS Tebuan, Sabre & Skyhawk Tails CL41 Tebuan Macchi MB339 Pilatus PC7 Mk 1 CA27 Sabre Ex-RAAF
  7. Saw it still at Cargo Terminal last night when returning from LIMA. What a sight! My aircraft 9M-AFR passed close behind it taking Taxiway K from Rwy 14L to LCCT.
  8. Just out of curiosity and to keep track of developments in Malaysian aviation, can anybody tell me who are the first female aircraft captains in MAS and Air Asia (if there are any)? When were they promoted?
  9. Hope to meet up with you and Pieter at the WX Station this June. Please confirm the date and I'll try to reserve it for spotting.
  10. Hakan, is the mosque in the background near the airport the Blue Mosque? If so, it's too near the airport for a historical building.
  11. Jogja is more of a military airport than a civil one. Some pics of the traffic there taken by me in Sep 2006 can be viewed at: http://www.rsfc.com.my/BULphotos.html The Jogja pics begin with the "Free Lunch" and ends with the "Batavia Air" baby Boeing.
  12. Welcome aboard, Steve. Your website is very interesting and informative indeed.
  13. "Just to let you know that as of 17th Feb. 2007, our inaugural non-revenue flight took off to the sky from Riyadh to Jeddah at 11:00 am. History has been created then for nas air being the FIRST BUDGET AIRLINE in the Kingdom. The inauguration of our commercial flight took place yesterday, Sunday, 25th Feb. 2007 for the Riyadh-Jeddah v.v sector." Extracted from an email to me.
  14. Quite strange really unless (1) they want to avoid paying MAB any fee and (2) the cost of upgrading Tekah is not too high.
  15. You can read the latest AK newsletter by just digging into the seat pocket in front of you when you're on their flights. It's a form of "in-flight magazine" with news promoting AK mainly and not just to attract cadet pilots.
  16. Capt Radzi, that was a really good shot of AFQ. Thank you guys for the pictorial story of AFQ's arrival.
  17. Thanks for the marvellous pics, Azman. Superb angles.
  18. Modern aircraft are built so that the outer skin absorbs all the lightning without endangering the passengers and other payload. There may be a limit as to how much current the aircraft shell can take.
  19. View this interesting video that is getting a lot of attention worldwide: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=78...se+change+recut
  20. The 3 trainers in a row are Grob G115.
  21. On the C172 you only need to ensure that 1. the Master (Battery) Switch is on, 2. the Mixture Control (red push/pull lever) is in RICH position i.e. fully forward 3. the Carburettor Heat (a black lever next to the Mixture Control) is OFF 4. and that the Throttle Control (black push/pull lever) is about half an inch open. (Fully forward is fully open and fully back is fully closed) and then you turn the Ignition Switch to Start position to start the engine. On the first flight of the day, you may need to prime the cylinders with fuel first so that there will be enough fuel mixture in the cylinders for the engine to fire. In all cases you must of course ensure that the Fuel Cock is open, otherwise no fuel will flow from the tanks to the carburettor. The C172 does not have a variable pitch propellor, so the Pitch Control lever (usually blue in colour) is not there.
  22. Hakan Glad that you too are enjoying the pics. Do plan to visit the KUKL 07 on August 31, 2007.
  23. That's what I've been taught too.
  24. From now on Syakir is a must for all air events. Great pics from him.
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