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  1. I guess their previous strategy has proven to be failed as they cant fill up the seats in a 150-160 seater jet (737 max 8 has even more seats than 737 ng). A regional jet can serve secondary cities better and provide more frequency. RJ can easily served KL-chiang mai, KL-cebu, KL-makassar. Im also thinking the 737 max will be deployed to several routes that previously served by A330, like KL-tokyo, KL-seoul, KL-delhi. A 6-7 hour flight in a narrow bodied become more common these days.
  2. MH only order 25 737 max, while right now it has 40-50 737NG, so theres seem to be a gap in the fleet planning, are MH considering to replace some of the 737NG with maybe a regional jet? Like embraer?
  3. do you guys think the routes will be a success?? i can see maybe routes like kota bharu to phnom penh and ho chi minh city are also coming on the way. also langkawi-bangkok, langkawi-medan, langkawi-phuket, johor-padang, johor-pontianak, johor-palembang, penang-pekanbaru. meanwhile, if ones choose to travel KBR-KUL-DMK, the traveling time including transit will be around 3,5-4 hour, but with more flexibility giving the high frequency of both legs.
  4. i know right? thats what i was saying in the first place. i think MH is capable to operate A380 on AMS,FRA,LAX. so no need for 777 replacements, just buy more A380 and A330-200
  5. but KE operates A330-200 on ICN-PRG, Also AF on CDG-NRT thats pretty much the same distance with KUL to AKL,JNB,CPT,IST,CAI
  6. CPT, JNB, and AKL are do-able with A330-200 i think A330-200 could fly as far as moscow, cairo, athens, and istanbul
  7. pardon my ignorance , is ME3 stans for that top 3 middle east carrier? wheres that name come from?
  8. well im not really sure about that, theres really not much tourist in brunei. for example only 4000 japan tourist entered brunei in 2011. while kota kinabalu received almost 8000 japan tourist in the first quarter of this year only. do the math 4000 vs 32.000 tourist. with that much tourist in KK, but maswings can only do 4 weekly flight from KK to mulu. http://aimp.apec.org/Documents/2012/TWG/TWG1/12_twg1_024.pdf http://kepkas.sabah.gov.my/2013/05/23/sabah-records-sharp-rise-in-china-tourist-arrivals/
  9. who's going to fly on that route anyway?
  10. LCCT is really in a bad condition right now, except for the air conditioner which still works very good. but what makes me scared, is when KLIA2 will overshadow KLIA. 10 yrs ago, KLIA was pretty spectacular. but right now, its nothing compare to Delhi, Suvarnabhumi, T3 Changi. The temperature in the terminal is hot, AC was working, but still hot on sunny days, Toilet is dirrty, and what about with this trashy kampong lamp thing they put all over the terminal? the rainforest walk is also not being maintained seriously, some of the sofa around the TV corner are already in a bad condition. the maintenance is sucks. even delhi airport has a much better prayer room than KLIA, that is embarassing.
  11. yeah hopefully with more A330 coming, they can be dispatched to more regional routes. i know this is OOT since its MH's A380 thread. and also, i hope MH rethink their fleet plan, using the options to order 737-700 and A330-200HGW. both of them have smaller capacities and longer range, its perfectly suites for routes to karachi, ahmedabad, guillin, hangzhou, fukuoka, nagoya, chengdu, kolkata, bandung, surabaya etc.
  12. but the flight to delhi was 100% occupation, even when i checked 2 weeks from my date of departure, it was only 4 seats left. the gap between A330 and 738 is not really a problem, MH can combine both fleet, for example for flight to Delhi, MH has 1 daily A330 and 1 daily 738.
  13. i recently flew to Delhi in economy, it was FULL! i think the new A330 and A380 is really an advantage to attract pax and compete with another airlines. maybe MH should consider to introduce 2 x A330 to main cities in asia eg. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Dhaka, Guangzhou, Taipei, Kunming, Seoul, and Dubai.
  14. that is the point, FRA has never been a strong route for MH, but look what A380 can done, from my short observation its been a healthy load. with the aging 777 (that soon going to be retired) plying AMS and FRA makes MH less attractive to pax. MH has no choice but replace the 777 to A380. its too late to order 787 or A350 now here's my prediction : 2 daily A380 to LHR 1 daily A380 to CDG 1 daily A380 to AMS 1 daily A380 to FRA 2 daily A380 to SYD 2 daily A380 to MEL other's possibilities : 1 daily A380 to NRT 1 daily A380 to LAX so that's why i think MH need 6-7 more A380
  15. if MH can do daily A380 to paris, the same could be done for amsterdam and frankfurt. MH must order 6-7 more A380!
  16. but AK is a low fare airlines that their nature is to be cheaper than a full service airlines. didnt malaysia have some kind regulation that control airlines ticket price? i just think its not fair for our sweetheart MH
  17. i was doing dummy booking as i was looking for the cheapest flight option for my trip to sri lanka for may 2013. first thing first, of course comparing AK and MH come to my mind. i was quite surprised that AK offers price two times more expensive than MH offerings. for a vv flight AK offers 1894 MYR while MH only charges 847 MYR. i understand that MH flight KUL-CMB arrive in CMB at an ungodly hour (23:55pm), but the fact that AK charging more than double is shocking considering MH has PTV in every seat and serve you full meal. anybody experience the same thing? i hope malaysians can be smarter on spending their money. i also anticipating for malindo to starts operation as competition will benefit us more.
  18. are there oportunity of this airport be open for commercial flight? firefly maybe?
  19. how about bombardier CRJ? they have stairs make sense! do subang really cant handle a small jet (50-70 seat)? or its just the medium size like A320 and B737?
  20. if he really interested in subang and competing firefly, he would've had propeller there in airasia's livery, but he did not. anyway he is jakarta right now and seems more interested for something bigger.
  21. i wonder if they considering small jet like E170. it would be perfect for longer flight out of subang
  22. future app? does it it means that its currently unavailable?
  23. does a biznessman wear a nametag with his own name on it? hahaha
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