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  1. Agreed. Easier to follow. Should all the other threads be renamed appropriately then? IE MH Privatization, AirAsia COVID, Batik rebrand etc to just MH thread, AirAsia thread, Batik thread etc etc.
  2. jani

    Riyadh Air

    Is alcohol the only defining factor to compete against ME3? It may happen, I'm just saying I will be totally shocked.
  3. jani

    Riyadh Air

    I will be shocked if this new airline serves alcohol.
  4. jani

    Riyadh Air

    Ex MH boss Peter Bellew has also joined as COO
  5. I guess they will get the A330s from the Indonesian Batik Air? Or can a 737 do it?
  6. I guess you are right. Which actually begs the question what is Firefly (Jet) actually? The turboprops serves a niche out of SZB. The jet? I just don't really understand why must MAG have two brands. It is not as if MH is such a premium luxury brand that it must be distinguished.
  7. Am intrigued that while SIA closed its sister airline Silk Air, MAG expands its own. Time will tell who made the better business decision. For me, I think SQ's approach makes more sense. Unless Firefly is supposed to compete against Scoot and AirAsia. Interesting times.
  8. Just the capability to handle. Doesn't mean anything. From MAHB standpoint, they would not want SZB to be able to handle A320/737 at risk of cannibalizing KUL.
  9. I was told that in all MAHB proposals.. Never mentioned once 737/A320 (only A220).. Suddenly when Minister met press.. Spoke about 737/A320 😉
  10. We've seen lately that OUR e-gates have been opened to Singapore, US, OZ etc.. I wonder if the reason it hasn't be reciprocated is for the one you stated above.
  11. I personally don't even put Bin/Binti in any of my bookings. Never encountered any problems. Though, my son, whose name is quite long (both his and my name have Mohammad), won't fit so we put: First: M Aamir Last: M Shazani
  12. My longest NB was to PER, also circa 5 hours. On Malindo. It was not pleasant.
  13. Except it sometimes feels like the tortoise is the one sleeping in this race 😁😭 Anyway, hope that these A339s are just renewals of existing and ageing fleet, before the real purchase for expansion/return to Europe is decided soon. Also, please MH... decide what is your livery...
  14. Great improvement, but still long ways till we return to pre-pandemic levels. Onwards and upwards!
  15. I guess it means leased aircraft ie not new. Sigh
  16. Good job to members here (Jahur was it?) that leaked this info. Keep them coming. Am a bit mixed about it. It surely is more cost efficient for them and almost everyone has their own device now. Wonder if the new seats will feature something to keep your device in place? A holder of some sort.
  17. For QR, not much. But for IAG, I think yes, especially if you can get QF to move to KUL from SIN. KUL becomes OW hub while MH serves regional destinations for IAG.
  18. So we will now see 3x DOH per day? 2x MH 1x QR? Or will QR exit? Speaking about all these lack of strategy and funding etc, should just ask Qatar to buy MH through IAG, who they own 25% of already 😁 Although half joking, it does make some sense from a network point of view.
  19. I am already back in KL, and everything was actually pretty smooth thankfully. Even arrival immigration took only about 30 mins and baggage was waiting for us once finished at LHR. Speaking of lack of statf, surprised to find EK's ground operations at KUL handled by AirAsia... I mean GTR (Ground Team Red) 😁😁😁 No complaints though, well done to them
  20. Hi guys, it's fun to talk about our passion again - especially after having flown again after so long 😁 Anyway, recently took an EK flight to LHR via DXB and back. It was packed to the brim on all four legs. LHR sector was on A380 while KUL unfortunately was on 77W, which is a nightmare in 3-4-3 Y config. I haven't followed the industry much thanks to COVID but am back excited again, so do we know when the A380s will come back online to KUL? And will their 3rd frequency return anytime soon? Appreciate the discussion guys 😁
  21. The interview with the CEO seems to confirm it is the NEO. No?
  22. I don't see it being anything but the 787s. Would be pleasantly surprised if it were the A350s. The capacity would be similar to the A330s. How I wish they'd change the livery first though!
  23. Anyone heard anything about MH launching DOH?
  24. Don't know if you guys read.. Captain Izham said the idea might be to close down MH.. Use Firefly AOC for 6 months.. then rename to "Malaysia" again because Firely won't be known internationally. They have even registered code MY with IATA. EDIT: Sorry I just realized that MY is MASwings. But yeah that's what he said.
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