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  1. We don't care about functionality or else which is useless to us. We only want to make our Swiss banks personal account full . We don't care about u public... we care us only
  2. Do u have any idea if i want to buy 1 unit of B747 before they scrap it into pieces? To whom should i contact to talk about this..
  3. I don't agree with RUIZ RAZY, U just need to hire 1 or 2 foreigner, that's not means u lost a millions. MAS and the management must be honest in running the company. Did u see 2-3 years ago in paper, stewards stealing high priced liquors and sell it outside.
  4. confirm: 1. nick r. 2. H Affendy 3. delwin 4. fairul 5. norman 6. radzi 7. syidan 8. rayner to be confirm: 1. walter sim 2. tharan g. 3. sanjay thaker + a friend 4. mohd idham not coming: 1. imran 2. isaac 3. Jamal + wife i'm not coming bongok punya airbus, always change schedule
  5. Why not check at www.airsafe.com for more investigation reports of this accident.
  6. I'm working at Money Changer. I am Jamal Mohideen. I'm confirm will come with my wife. My wife is Flight Enthusiast too. So tell me when and what time confirmation. Make sure A380 will come exactly at that date.
  7. Sorry Norman, Actually I forgot the way. Only once i've been there. Try ask anyone at airport how to go to the immigration building.
  8. Yes Radzi, It's near the way to Fire Station
  9. Azahan, What camera you using? Can I know the extra details of your camera and price? Your pic is really nicelah!
  10. I think I have another idea for spotting. Why not go behind the immigration office? You may lie to the Security guard at the enterance that u want to go to immigration then park behind the immigration building. You can try this
  11. Norman, Can't U request from Higher officials in KLIA to open the Observation Hill for public? We are voters have the rights to ask. Tell them if not let us to the Hill we all will change to PAS!
  12. Norman u r really great, how can u get this detailed info? even the press also don't know. r u working at control tower?
  13. So far KUL - MAA - KUL is the best and profitable route for Mas. They charge upto RM 1700 for return last year. After Jet airways entered this route Mas just charge RM790. Think how much they gain before this on this route. Last week I went to MAA with Mas, all seats are still full.
  14. I wanna join too. please email me jamaldn@hotmail.com you may arrange at any date but make sure it's Sunday, so many will come.
  15. Thank You Radzi & Jonathon. I'm just new to this this group. But I love all of your effort.
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