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  1. Makes me wonder if the airport is designed to serve tourists visiting the Cherating and beach areas, and how viable this is. But these are seasonal, and the number of visitors drop during the monsoon season.
  2. I went lounge hopping at KLIA yesterday (around 945-1115am) while waiting for my flight to Singapore, departing from MTB. Visited the new PPL near the H gate, and it was packed. Then I went to the regional Golden Lounge, and it was quiet, about 10 pax (I was expecting more pax but maybe not that may regional flights departing at that hour from MTB?). I must say the food offering in GL has improved. On board, I was served mineral water (which I prefer compared to the usual orange juice) and TWO packs of kacang - yes TWO - double the normal serving 😁
  3. Yes, and I think this is not widely promoted by MH. However, lately, I notice this option is communicated to J class pax to choose from the menu from Chef on Call.
  4. and the max will have the same seats as the refurbished NG ....
  5. And if anything goes wrong, it will be the airline whose tickets were sold by Air Asia App that gets the bad press/bahsing, instead of AirAsia App.
  6. .... and coffee is no longer limited to "Nescafe Gold Blend" in the latest biz class menu
  7. I wonder if the drop in ranking could be due to KLIA2, as I think both terminals are seen as one - that there is no airside connections between the terminals, etc?
  8. For me, the headrests do make a huge difference especially for flights longer than 3 hrs.
  9. My Australian ETA states that my given name is "unknown" while my full name is my Last Name 😁
  10. Just received an email from Enrich about the Revised Elite Points beginning 2023, which gives better earning structure. Flights to London Economy return can now earn 16 points compared to 12 previously. Flights to East Malaysia from KL can now earn additional Elite points (from 2 elite points return on economy to 4, and from 4 biz return to 6). https://enrich.malaysiaairlines.com/enrich/partners/airlines/mag/malaysia-airlines.html
  11. I had the Nasi Hujan Panas for my flight from Hanoi to KL yesterday, and I must say it is pretty good. It was served with beef rendang and the meat was tender, and the acar was great. One of the better meals. Also noticed that the cabin crew made a special announcement before landing to thank all passengers for flying with Malaysia Airlines and the crew gave a bow - something like what Air Asia did before.
  12. I would agree with you here. I quite like their recent wau campaign ... I am not too sure about the Buy On Board snacks that was rolled out recently, although the offer to have satay for Y class passengers if they pre-purchase them may be a good touch (not sure how many will do that - or will this dilute the J class exclusive experience). Has anyone tried this? If only the onboard experience can be consistent, that would be great. I have some great flights with outstanding crew, and some average, and some just ... ah ... no need to say. On some J flights, the crew addressed me by name, other flights I would be asked. "what you want?" On one flight there was a new crew who fumbled with the service and needed help from senior crew.
  13. https://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/iasa/ Currently there are only 5 countries in Category 2, and Malaysia is the 6th to join the list. Sad state of affairs indeed.
  14. "Other countries in Category 2 include Bangladesh, Ghana and Costa Rica." ...... 🙈
  15. From MAHB's tweet, the relocation of the duty free shops has now started, so by December, there will be better passenger flow into the immigration area. TF and AK must be happy now. But wait, another round of public bashing for another issue will surface ... https://twitter.com/MY_Airports/status/1192665006422163456
  16. Not 5 only lah, must include the 5 that can be further discussed .... then complain about the other 10 being too slow to be implemented or granted. 🤣
  17. Oh NO! AK will be jumping up at down again especially for flights between KUL and SIN - more delays!! 🤗
  18. My early morning flight to KCH was cancelled last month just a couple of days before the flight. Official reason given: AK stated in the communication that it was due to Runway 3 closure. Part of me feel this is just a cheap excuse to hit out at others. I probably suspect it has more to do with load than Runway 3. I changed flight to Malindo with similar departure time, and load was very light as well. Based on MAHB's announcement, it seems that AK is already in the know and agreed to it - then one may question why the flight cancellation at the last minute as if the runway closure is a sudden unexpected incident affecting flight operations.
  19. I think you are right that in Malaysia, we would go for the cheapest, and not for convenience. A case in point is that some of my colleagues going for a holiday trip chose 6am flight because it was the cheapest while I preferred the 10am flight which was more expensive. I was not prepared to get up at 3am to leave house by 330 or 345am.
  20. I am just wondering - we know this is an annual affair that involves closure of airspace. Would it be too messy to include this in the flight planning - ie making adjustment to the flight schedule right from the beginning rather than retiming at last minute? Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan. I am flying home on this friday evening - not affected by the closure.
  21. I took a flight to PEN at 145pm today. But the flight display at A and B gates was still not functioning. There was a whiteboard at the end of the connecting pier, after the shops, before one turns to A or B gate showing all the boarding gates. At the individual gate, the monitor displaying departure flight was still not functioning. This will probably be the last fucntion to go back online I think.
  22. My flight from Penang to KUL was delayed for more than an hour and the captain of the flight made a rather long announcement on the mess in KLIA. He kept saying, "What to do" "What to do" a few times telling us to expect delays in locating our luggage, and the fact that we may have to park at remote bays, and apologising that some passengers might miss their connecting flights ....
  23. see, KLIA is not better than KLIA2, hence there is no reason to reduce the PCS of KLIA2 ....
  24. Not to mention over all these years, they have robbed customers through their processing fees, and now they publicly display in their website asking people to petition against the PSC. What a saint.
  25. This morning domestic departure at KLIA was a nightmare. Long queue everywhere - MH biz class check in counter took me 20min to drop my bag. Then the queue to go through domestic screening snaked all the way to check in counters and continued to Island C where I joined the queue - as usual no one to help man the queue and there were some confusions, and, as usual, many cutting queue "innocently". But the line moved rather quickly, and took about 20min to go through. Then when I boarded the plane to Penang, the captain announced that they had to off load bags for 7 connecting passengers from international flights as they could not make it due to long queue at immigration. Is this normal for morning 8-830am departure? or is it due to the after school holidays rush? Or is KLIA over its capacity? or it is just due to the usual tidak apa attitude, and inefficiency of MAB and other agencies based in KLIA. This reminds me that I should plan to go to KLIA earlier if I have an early morning departure.
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