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  1. Being that time of the year, could be foggy tomorrow morning too.
  2. Not really, a ground staff will be waiting at the steps to help load the check in bags into the cargo hold. However the option to carry your own bag into the cabin is still available.
  3. Similar to other flights but after the security check point at MTB they will go down to the ground floor and take a van to the cargo apron. There are no dedicated pilots for Maskargo, they will operate normal pax or freighter flight depending on their monthly roster.
  4. Some of the reasons, 1. Route cost- some airways are cheaper than others 2. Weather en-route 3. Availability of airspace 4. En-route clearances 5. Political reasons 6. Geography reasons- High terrain en-route may not allow certain types of aircrafts etc
  5. KHI on the 737-800 is a bit of a stretch. As it is, they are struggling with the DEL sectors and incidents where bags have to be unloaded are not uncommon. Unlikely in my opinion.
  6. Latest rumour heard, more routes will be cut starting next year. Stations involved will be EZE, CPT, JNB, DXB and 1 other. In the case of DXB, it seems the management is properly spooked with the imminent threat of EK's dugongs that they would rather surrender than fight back. Air Asia X will probably take over the route to South Africa. So in the end, different management but same old story. MH will continue to shrink and looking sorrier by the minute.
  7. There are more than 1 unions or associations representing the thousands working with MH. Are you saying to "screw them all" based on what you saw and what someone told you? Do you know the details of the negotiations between the unions and the company? Capt Radzi gave good advice but obviously you know more than him. There is a documentary by Michael Moore about capitalism and in one segment it highlighted the connection between the pilots (in the USA), Unions and airline management,maybe you should have a look.
  8. It's whats the customer wants, so can't`blame Airbus for it.
  9. A friend from MH engineering told me recently that at least 55 of AK's planes are approaching their C and D checks. Then the share swap happened and bookings have been made to have the checks done by MH. Anybody guessing whether they will be paying the normal rate for the services? Highly convenient, isn't it.
  10. Easy for you to say seating behind a keyboard. What do you do with the 19000+ employees then?
  11. A bit premature to say "probably pilot error" without knowing all the facts isn't it.
  12. Yes, there are such things as a non-EFIS B734. If I'm not mistaken MAS used to have two (leased) back in the early nineties. Can't remember the rego though.
  13. By that time both destinations will be served by the new A330.
  14. Surprised to see that nobody is interested on the flight deck. Any updates, new equipments or instruments etc etc. Quite interested to see what sort of EFB the new A330's are equipped with.
  15. I'm sure the pilots took the decision after considering all factors like checking the instruments, engine parameters, behavior of the flight controls, consulting the checklists and manuals and they can also call engineering to ask for their opinion. Anyway if nothing else was affected it is always better to continue as the aircraft will be lighter with much less fuel in the tanks during the expected landing with burst tires.
  16. On MH's A330-200 you can do both De-rate and Flex for take off.
  17. 288 seats on the -200 on a flight more than 12 hours long! Wow !
  18. He's the adviser but for the life of me I have no idea what advice he has given MH so far.
  19. cons: Some airlines actually allow their pilots to take "power naps" especially during long overnight flights. Can you imagine the passengers reaction when they see that the pilot is sleeping?
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