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  1. Hope Geoff is reading this. After searching for 3 years this heli appeared at BKI yesterday to send an injured employee to the hospital (I was told).
  2. 6/10 A much delayed Eastar Jet 942 back to Busan departing BKI at around 10am.
  3. We can get philosophical about the situation, but it does change the fact that whatever they are doing is not working.
  4. Well I thought Proton wasn't for sale, until Geely bought it over. So all eyes is on the new government on how to resolve the MH problem. So far I think the new transport minister has been kind to MH, with no ultimatum/pressure whatsoever to cut manpower or close it down entirely. However, I also don't see them entertaining any request to bail MH this time around. Perhaps MH should look at what happened to SABENA and maybe work towards that. SABENA was closed down in 2006 and Brussels Airlines was born from this. No point in harping on having 2 or more airlines if clearly there is 1 monopoly. We need a strong contender to fight AK and MH is not the one. Imagine for every promo seat you try to match your competitor and you lose money. I have also noticed that AK seems to be the airline of choice for the new government.
  5. I didn't check the FR24, just comment from my son whenever we wanted to go spotting.
  6. I also like MH if they continue to offer RM1089 return BKI - NRT I will be their customer every month!
  7. Ah too bad. Was hoping they will beat MH80 BKI - NRT using the B738NG. From BKI save 1/2 hour maybe?
  8. I noticed that despite the hype, BKI - KCH fare is relatively cheap. Can get 89 one way 2 days before departure.
  9. Inevitably this brings up the issue of whether the airports can handle more flights. Sandakan airport terminal is relatively new and they have extended the runway before that. Tawau airport is old, but not that old either. Both airports lack terminal space and boarding gates. Tawau also need to rework the check-in/immigration counters if they want to handle more pax. AK might just start complaining if KLIA2 could be used as a reference in this case. Moving forward, perhaps a small airport ala Kudat should be built in Semporna to take some of the load from Tawau airport?
  10. Maybe they have extra aircraft with no place to deploy? Good if it works, if not just stop it.
  11. Although FD had started DMK - BKI flight mid August, all the flights has been operated by new generation NEOs (HS-BBV, BBY, CBF, CBH etc). Today was the first time they sent a CEO special scheme.
  12. SIN is still numero uno in Asia Pacific, and KLIA is behind CGK. Beating HKG is somewhat unexpected considering their international financial hub status, and BKK with their European connectivity.
  13. Yup, from 1 Nov onwards. ETD BKI 0900 and 2320.
  14. Yup this is smaller. More of a landing support craft as oppose to CVN-74 that came a few years ago.
  15. There is a big ship in the vicinity of Kota Kinabalu since 19/8.
  16. Hasn't CZ flown SZX - BKI before?
  17. A 787 over cargo aircraft or a C17/A330 MRTT?
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