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  1. Nice! Wanted to visit Korea early this month but more expensive now...
  2. Someone "kambing" back.
  3. My company organized an incentive trip to Hokkaido last year and almost everyday I went to the Japanese Consulate here, partly because the Visa was quite strict and also partly because my partners they took their sweet time to send me their relevant supporting documents. Firstly you need a travel itinerary, either from travel agent or trip/hotel booking confirmation from Japan if you are traveling alone. If you are visiting a friend in Japan you need them to write to the Japanese consulate. Then you also need prove that you can support yourself financially while in Japan. One of my partner got rejected because his savings account statement only have RM300! . No credit card statement accepted although you can a couple of years back. You also need letter from your employee that certifies you as an employee and will come back to work. None the less Japan has got to be one of the most beautiful country that I must visit before I die!
  4. Thought the SIA cabin crew interview was also scheduled in Kuching, Sarawak.
  5. Hmm...the CIA may not want any spotters around the area when she arrives.
  6. Wah, you caught a big one there!
  7. Wah, so lucky can spot with wife. Mine prefers to stay home.
  8. Guys, maybe a little OT here. I passed by travel agency in KAC and they have banners for Asian Spirit Airlines and they fly to Sandakan from Zamboanga. I think they use the BAe-146 for that sector. Anyway, just thought if anyone has caught them in Sandakan before. http://www.asianspirit.com/destinations.htm
  9. I can't really see if there is any improvement as I was at the other side. However, from this picture it does seem to have at least spray the aircraft. Maybe they spray first and radio the pilot to move towards them.
  10. Went to catch a glimpse of the inaugural Cebu Pacific flight from MNL to BKI just now. Unfortunately as the sun set it's becoming harder and harder for an inexperience guy like me to capture the event. Anyway, here goes. I arrived 15 minutes before ETA. The screen confirmed flight would arrive at 1830. Time to check my equipment. Need to find the best setting. Can't resist capturing this lovely baby again. Looks like the welcoming party already here. In the meantime flight AK5836 arriving from Tawau 9M-AAF. Flight MH383 from HKG arriving just before 6:30pm. 9M-MQF Finally! Arrived after 15 minutes delay. Flight 5J-731 from MNL using Airbus A319. Moving towards gate 1 T2 for the ceremonial "shower" for the new "customer". Confirmation of the delay. That's all, folks.
  11. Sunday? I was at T2 around 2pm. Guess she really did take off that day.
  12. Maybe need to check how much they pay to those within and outside the board of directors. This is tantamount to extortion.
  13. Sam, Around what time you caught the FAAM? I suspect she might be taking off daily around the same time.
  14. Aye. A346 would be very very nice indeed.
  15. Hi guys. Dropped by to check out a sexy baby this afternoon. There were many onlookers at the terminal but surprisingly those nearby the plane are mainly "ang-mos". They even operate the push back truck in their own. The pilot was starting the engines one at a time but i didn't stay to find out whether she took off or not. In in time to avoid being "saman" for illegal parking.
  16. Hehe...sorry. SIA A380 is parked at T3? QF? Are all Changi gates can accommodate A380?
  17. Fuyoh! SIA A380 parked next to Qantas A380!
  18. The orange color of Firefly might be very striking and if both sits together on the tarmac may look really nice! Now if only they could release the models as soon as both colors are available on the plane.
  19. I think there are 2 B737s "overnight" in BKI. Spotted 2 during my last AK flight from KUL.
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