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  1. KSlux livery please hahahahahhahaha
  2. Where were you standing for this angle?
  3. good start for 2018 guys
  4. 2 A380s are serving London route...so where are the other 4?
  5. Love the 4 A400Ms line up....Great shot KS
  6. The best livery for AK....thanks flee
  7. Nice livery, thanks for sharing
  8. Amazing shots especially the star wars aircrafts, great sharing Junichi
  9. The best show so far for this carnival
  10. Last Saturday in the month of June 2016. What we do? Spot, eat shop, spot, eat, shop, spot, eat, shop etc..... LOL
  11. Nice livery, thanks for sharing Wai Ping
  12. Please keep us update for the flight ticket booking, thanks
  13. This airline should be based in Melaka since they launched it.....just wonder why it's now based in Langkawi
  14. HK is my preference. Spotting, models, makan, shopping,....
  15. Simon

    KUL 14R 2015

    Yeah, now we know how the bottom looks like
  16. This thread never get boring. Beautiful close up shot Azahan, keep them coming
  17. Simon

    KUL 14R 2015

    Yeah, thanks to KS Ong for guiding us there.
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