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  1. MH165 is diverted to BOM. Anyone got info on the cause?
  2. I always thought this ex SK aircraft will do the DOH rotation. Its MEL instead
  3. For some, they prefer 350 to operate on a day flight so that they can see the landscape below at any time during the flight without "cabin crew intervention" to auto dim the windows like in 787.
  4. GF used to fly to KUL with their 343 then discontinue. They plan to reinstate the route but then pandemic hits.
  5. Anyone know does MH operate up to double daily to NRT & daily to HND now?
  6. If I'm not mistaken, those AY 333 were wet-leased to QF for their SIN flights.
  7. EY+ seats on the 332 is pretty comfortable.
  8. I thought once QR's dispute with Airbus is settled, more 350s are coming their way, both thru repair of existing aircraft plus new delivery which then make way for MH to stop operating 2 out of 3 daily DOH rotations. And it was not the case so far.
  9. Tashkent is a surprise addition to MH network.
  10. DOH is more premium heavy than JPY i guess.
  11. Nice Z9's allotment to DPS/CGK/SGN.
  12. Last 2 weeks i did both MH715 / MH714 & for both flights, around 90% pax are of Indian Subcontinent origin. And, OD flight to KUL which scheduled to depart around MH714 time also has loads of pax of the same origin. DPS is a hub to hop to many other islands in Indonesia to explore the aptly named Tourism Indonesia' tagline of 'Wonderful Indonesia'.
  13. The beauty of 5th freedom rights where third country carrier operates like local carrier.
  14. Interesting to see how MH going to reconfig seats on existing 359 in anticipation of probably new config for the incoming 339. We might have a denser J cabin on 359 as compared to 339 & not so much difference no of EY seats for both 359 & 339 which makes an aircraft swap more imminent depending on route's specific demands, save for LHR.
  15. Or they can introduce a 0700 to 0800 am departure using 738 specifically to connect them red-eyed from [UK / Indian Subcontinent / JPY] to [CGK/BKK/DPS] & leaving the 0900-ish departure for M'sia origin pax.
  16. Which Indonesian station(s) that MH intended to expand? SUB?
  17. People should move from default analogy 'AK is d cheapest' to 'always check all carrier first prior to booking airticket'.
  18. Waiting to see when will then start a widebody ops from KUL. Somebody mentioned in here that they have secured right to IST. Lionair is seen pretty much as de facto Indonesian carrier.
  19. So we lost KLM on KUL-CGK but gain Transnusa.
  20. Riza

    Riyadh Air

    Sounds like reactions when QF wants to partner with EK quite some time ago.
  21. I believe the reconfigured 738 is destined for some targeted markets.
  22. From observations, some stations that saw upgrades to 333 includes HÀN, SGN, MNL & DAC. Dont know if the equipment change is more dedicated to cargo or pax or both but I bet for DAC is for both.
  23. With the impending removal of BNE from MH's network starting NS2023 schedule which to start next month, does MH have other destination to deploy the freed-up 333?
  24. When booking for a flight, I believe the convention for vast majority (layman like me) is that if the airport code is different (like NRT & HND) then both are of 2 different airports at 2 separate locations. If the airport code is just like say KUL, then its just 1 airport (no matter how many runaways it has) but if there is different terminal buildings then by convention it should be labelled as Terminal 1, aterminal 2 or LCCT terminal or Watever Terminal. Then people will search on options of how to get from one terminal to the other if they need to be. I've met people who arrive at KLIA 1 & asking me how to go to KLIA 2 and his flight is departing in around 60 minutes' time. After explaining to him the train option, he looks like he couldn't make it to his flight. So sad.
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