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  1. Besides double-daily to LHR, its interesting to see which stations will not get the 350 once MH ramp up the Tokyo frequencies.
  2. Is it lucky for MH to get the HND slot or has the Japanese is releasing a new slot from other airline?
  3. Anybody knows load on MH160/MH161?
  4. Would like to see once MH start HND - will it supplement 12 weekly NRT or they will reduce NRT? With the launch of DOH & HND, will they have enuff widebody for that?
  5. Most probably their 773ER than their 332.
  6. Hopefully GF will make a comeback to our shore. They planned to reinstate flight to KUL in June 2020 but the the pandemic came...
  7. Would be nice if those ex Aigle Azur can be rotated as daytime flight to KUL/DEL & to KTM, all 3 are longest 738 route from KUL.
  8. Wa...there it goes precious HND slot
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