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  1. Does anyone knows as to the exact period MH40 & MH41 operates? The flight number indicates its not an extra flight but its not consistent either.
  2. Passenger connectivity between BKI & SDK/TWU on MH/FY is very limited to early morning & late of the day, almost 'killing' the options of getting back to peninsular via BKI. The only good multiple connection from BKI is to LDU with up to 4 daily flights.
  3. So no international status for LBJ (Labuan Bajo).
  4. And the 8000-series flight number for Hajj flights has already started.
  5. MH might looks to WY since they have retired all their 330s.
  6. Does anyone knows what happens to MTY? Under maintenance?
  7. MH806 KUL-MNL diverted back to KUL. Medical or weather?
  8. Despite all these, the arrival of 339 with the new cabin is the most awaited event in MH history for a very very very very loooong time. Its like entering a new phase.
  9. If this materialize then AK will be the first international airline to operate to LBJ. Shortest flight out of LBJ to DPS is always full & with the introduction of new tourist tax at DPS, its becoming less unattractive to transit at DPS though the terminals locations are very convenient as compared to transiting and changing terminal at SUB which require one to get a grab ride to the opposite site of the runway if tou want to connect from domestic to international or vice versa.
  10. Interesting to see what MH will do with the free up 332 which is doing AKL runs once 339 take over the route.
  11. Why does AKL schedule always zigzag zigzag like that?
  12. Compared to 333, what kind of arrangement / improvement done that results in those extra 1J + 6Y seats in 339?
  13. Last time when 359 arrived, if im not mistaken it was deployed to both BKI & KCH for a couple of weeks for crew familiarization
  14. I guess MH bet to reduce nite stop at local stations outside KUL & instead deploy those 73 to do nite filghts to new & various Indian sectors really pays off. Asean-wise, i saw quite many times that MH850/851 has been swapped to 332. Maybe many people of Indian subcontinent from these newly launched destinations are heading to DPS?
  15. DAD is a nice addition to the network to this 'Miami of Asia'. AK has 3x daily + OD daily to this station. Short hop 20 minutes ride from the airport & u are already at long stretch of wide sandy beach. Their urban planning is nice too. And coffee. Quiet alternate to both Phuket & Bali. So MH does has extra frame for these 3 routes?
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