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  1. I believe the reconfigured 738 is destined for some targeted markets.
  2. From observations, some stations that saw upgrades to 333 includes HÀN, SGN, MNL & DAC. Dont know if the equipment change is more dedicated to cargo or pax or both but I bet for DAC is for both.
  3. With the impending removal of BNE from MH's network starting NS2023 schedule which to start next month, does MH have other destination to deploy the freed-up 333?
  4. When booking for a flight, I believe the convention for vast majority (layman like me) is that if the airport code is different (like NRT & HND) then both are of 2 different airports at 2 separate locations. If the airport code is just like say KUL, then its just 1 airport (no matter how many runaways it has) but if there is different terminal buildings then by convention it should be labelled as Terminal 1, aterminal 2 or LCCT terminal or Watever Terminal. Then people will search on options of how to get from one terminal to the other if they need to be. I've met people who arrive at KLIA 1 & asking me how to go to KLIA 2 and his flight is departing in around 60 minutes' time. After explaining to him the train option, he looks like he couldn't make it to his flight. So sad.
  5. Will see if KL still maintain TPE-MNL once they start KUL-MNL. At last KUUL-MNL in widebody
  6. Hope all pre-pandemic frequencies is being restored soonest as demands gears up & hopefully to drive down the ticket price.
  7. I just hope that comes 2023 some new widebodies will join the fleet besides the news that more and more 738 will have new config.
  8. If last minute equipment change by TG is termed as TG-ed, dont know what people call when they buy QR ticket but got on MH metal.
  9. Yea, those DOH flight is always full.
  10. Besides double-daily to LHR, its interesting to see which stations will not get the 350 once MH ramp up the Tokyo frequencies.
  11. Is it lucky for MH to get the HND slot or has the Japanese is releasing a new slot from other airline?
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