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  1. Would be nice if those ex Aigle Azur can be rotated as daytime flight to KUL/DEL & to KTM, all 3 are longest 738 route from KUL.
  2. Wa...there it goes precious HND slot
  3. Tried dummy booking on MH to an asean destination in september 19 both in Y & J but didnt see where the the rm8 & rm20 appear in taxes.
  4. From my experience, inbound from BKK & DPS are catered from those stations
  5. See that tonight's flight to PER is on 332 & 1325 flight to HKG is on 333.
  6. So its strengthening china & reinstate india + re-open OZ (bne). Those 3 markets. Is there any news on MH reinstate FUK or NGO? I recalled long time ago MH used to serve those 2 cities.
  7. Seems like OD is really onto indian subcontinent. From my previous flights to DPS, from boarding to queuing at DPS immigration, most of pax are from that region with only handful of fellow locals. Dont know about other sector though.
  8. Loads of korean tourists to BKI and non serviced by MH sounds like, quoting a minister, another "zero dollar tourism".
  9. Didn't know on this fact. Of all my flights on KUL-MNL & return sector, i presumed most of the traffic are connecting pax. Very interesting on this fact.
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