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  1. It is still a relevant marketing tools for the market it serves.
  2. Guys...please stop this rumour... LHR will not be axed. Full Stop.
  3. Well, when the fare is competitive to LCC, the offerings will match that as well. What is the big fuss? We can't expect paying affordable fares yet asking for the moon and the stars. At least, food is served without having to pay onboard. My friend paid USD650 from JFK to LAX on DL and all he gets is peanuts and orange juice. Hot food is not on standard offerings and he has to pay for that. So does IFE.
  4. The survival of MH is not related to staff who go against company's policy. You go against the policy and you face the consequences, legally.
  5. Why ADL and the future DRW not included? I think all the seats are used up already
  6. Is the lounge better than what is was before? heard that they have upgraded the service by bringing down their award winning cabin crew into the lounge....
  7. It is not profit guaranteed! There is limit to it otherwise tanggung sendiri
  8. When they try to reduce cost by opting for easy-to-maintain seats so they can offer lower fares, you guys say it looks cheap like bus lah, like LCC la, if you guys don't complaint and pay for whatever fares they offer then you guys can demand for the sky and the moonla...my two cents worth!
  9. YAMASA is the financier of the aircraft. Just like your car, teh bank owns it until you finish payment
  10. In reality, he is afraid of competition and his mouth is just too big for his head!
  11. It was done before and the route bled like hell It was done before and the route bled like hell It was done before and the route bled like hell It was done before and the route bled like hell
  12. More colours = increase in weight = more fuel burn of = absorb more heat = higher operating cost.Beauty not necessary cost efficient.
  13. Some people think that they know better than those who work in the industry itself...Oh Well! Be it...we shall not argue.
  14. Does AK figures include D7? If it does then you have to exclude it as well. Then only it is apple to apple.
  15. I know for sure it doesn't and to include FD, QZ and D7 is not apple to apple la Bro! This is for airlines based in Malaysia....
  16. Don't forget close to 1 mill fly with MASwings and Firelfly in every quarter!!!
  17. 3rd runway close to KLIA2 i.e. is meant for AK....how manipulative!!! and length of runway only able to handle up to A330 - so ironic?
  18. LCC mentality, never know how to operate from terminal with aerobridges!
  19. It is not MASwingsla....they got it all wrong.....MASwings cannot simply raise fares...I have checked and they still have the old fares....
  20. Any airline that is flying new routes will have to develop the route to make it viable...duh! Otheriwse, why do you think D7 goes to all the cities that MAS fly to in India...it requires less money on A&P because the routes are already developed....D7 is supposed to compliment MAS just like MI does for SQ...... Naim, that is just few of the many example - Irrespective of the popularity of any cities, it needs the airline to develop the market because not only Malaysians wants to go there...You also need traffic both ways to make it viable. Say if you fly to Moscow, Malaysians may have interest to go there because of many of our students go there to study, but the same cannot be said to Russians! if you don't promote Malaysia, then you only have to rely on outbound traffic which will not make the route viable... Look at all the D7 routes, how many that they developed their own? AUH? They have already pulled out because they are not making money irrespective of what being said about the suitability of the aircraft
  21. What is the relevant of this question to my statement?
  22. People go to Stansted because of London and not Stansted....Tianjin because of Beijing...These routes are developed by MAS not D7....
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