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  1. I have searched for my flight around mid of January in MH website But the all fares were very expensive. For KUL-LBU-KUL sectors,the total price up to RM700+! So,I decided to FLY with 'first community airlines' at RM35 incld tax for KBR-KUL sector. Meanwhile,for KUL-LBU-KUL I chose to FLY with 'now everyone can fly airlines' at RM243 return including check baggage,tax and etc. For Malaysia Airlines, Wait me for my next flight!! Make sure YOU give me a very special fare... Love MH!
  2. Minimum age for AK cabin crew is 20years old right?
  3. No,I am not interested with this..hehe.. maybe next time...haha
  4. On her sms,she wrote, Intel exel advisory sdn bhd in KL Plaza,Jln Bukit Bintang.. I confused,what type of airlines she will involve in?
  5. Hi guys, Yesterday,I received sms from my friend ( Chinese ) and studied at SMJK ( C ) somewhere in Kota Bharu and also SPM 2008 cadidates. She said,she went to KL for Flight Attendant interview. She also said,they also offer for male as a steward.. Any info about this?? Thank you
  6. They already reached puberty level delivery for a380 lambat laaa
  7. Yeah.. They should change their livery.. To give more energy and power...
  8. Cannot wait for 738 in MH livery
  9. Agree to divert all the SQ traffic to WMKK. Then KUL become a south east airport hub
  10. I went to AirAsia's website, then looked at the advertisement there about Fly to london.. They said,they will use A340 to London soon. As I knew,AirAsia only bought A330-300 right? Any info?
  11. Whats wrong with Biman? My aunt always fly with Biman to Makkah.. She went Makkah always in cheap price.. haha.. Biman used DC10 right?Love to see trijet anyway...huuhu
  12. Really funny anyway... hahahahha............... No FA helped him?
  13. I not agree if AK/D7 will be a national flag for Malaysia.. Tak sesuai larh
  14. I hope I can go in 9M-XXA to perth! haha
  15. Yes2.. I will.. hehe.. wanna join me soon? I just invited one of my friend..
  16. I hope my father will approve my request to fly soon!! I believe I Can Fly bla2... huhu.... Any equipments that is necessary to bring?
  17. Helicopter small hangar .... Long time ago,there have a helicopter from pelita air,registration : PK something
  18. Sound interesting! May I join this?but after my spm...In December perhaps
  19. Oh.. Okay.. thanks for explainations.......
  20. Hope so! Thanks. Anyway,congrats with your results..
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