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  1. Thought they will name it A200 Obviously they saw this as the little brother of the A320s.
  2. A321neo? I wonder if it is going to be the A321neo LR? So it seems like Air Asia is giving up on the A350-900 entirely? What about the previous intention on the B787s? Was that a tactic to get Airbus to reduce their pricing on the A330/350?
  3. It should be 9M-MRA... at least it's a record holder of some sort... By the way, is 9M-MRA stored in Subang? Whats her conditions like?
  4. HS-TGR Siriwatthna took me from BKK-HKG in 2012.... sad ending but at least she didn't end up as coke cans...
  5. I assumed this is why they checked out a few B777-300ER earlier? So AK or D7 have cancelled all their A350 orders?
  6. Getting rid of that silly 1 Malaysia logo is symbolic to say the least - it's just like getting rid of the old incompetent and kleptocratic government - Good riddance!
  7. The cost of political appointment.... by the country's last leadership (if there is any). I don't see how adding two types will bring them out of the red too. Best to find ways of utilising the A380s and save costs first.
  8. The main terminal seemed to only have a fairly limited amount of gates for the Wide bodies. The flip side, the side that is closest to land side, seems to be narrow bodies only.
  9. Yeah totally agreed. My upcoming trip is a testament to the boredom that we will see in the future: 787-10, A350-900 and A350-1000.............. Really look forward to the 777-8/9 and upcoming planned 797
  10. What about 9M-NAA, the ACJ? Jibby didn't use her but on leased ACJ to avoid detection right? Didn't realise the BBJ is so old and seems there is quite a bit of gap between comtemporary 737-NGs and 737-600/700/800 in the early days. Last checked... the BBJ M53-01 is now in CGK with a Kuwaiti company. Re-registered as 2-SGSG.
  11. Does anyone know what is happening with both 9M-NAA, A319 ACJ and M53-01, B737-7H6 BBJ?
  12. Hmm... the current CEO for MAS is probably due for a replacement like all the new faces appearing in all Governmental departments.
  13. Cathay Pacific just received their first A350-1000 today. http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/hong-kong-economy/article/2151589/cathay-pacifics-new-long-range-fuel-efficient CX's A350-1000 will be used for their new HKG-IAD (Washington Dulles) direct route from October 2018 onwards. Before that, it will be used for HKG-BKK-SIN route as CX717 and SIN-HKG as CX716.
  14. Just checked CA062, the same B747-400, rego B-2447, flew from Singapore to Pyongyang on 13/6. While his Mercedes Benz limousine and Port-a-loo (or Port-a-potty) will be transported by the IL-76. His IL-62M is probably for his entourage....
  15. Wonder if he is going home with Air China B747-400 again...
  16. Sharks with later beams attached to their head?
  17. It's a good PR for Singapore as well. Mr. Trump no doubt will pay for his stay via Uncle Sam.
  18. Looks like Singapore might foot the bill https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/at-trump-kim-summit-dont-expect-nkorea-to-foot-the-bill/2018/06/04/201185e6-67e3-11e8-a335-c4503d041eaf_story.html
  19. https://www.flightradar24.com/blog/how-kim-jong-un-and-the-north-korean-delegation-traveled-to-the-singapore-summit/
  20. Come to think of it, riding on P.R.Chinas metal is probably the safest bet for young Kim. If you check his routing, the flight tried to stay on Chinese airspace and Vietnamese airspace (another socialist nation) for as long as possible. It goes to show that China is still influential when it comes to the business of their North Korean brethren. It is quite possible that China is footing the bill for the 747-400 transport. By the way, B-2447, a 23 year old B747-400, has headed back to Beijing after delivering young Kim to Singapore. Trump has arrived in Singapore on the same day but at night. His IL-62M (P-885) has arrived in Singapore too.
  21. Haha except Comrade Xis ride is no longer the good old B747-400. B747-8i rego B-2479 (Air China) is the new VIP transport for the Chinese commies. It seems Comrade Xi is not even letting young Kim to use their older VIP toy, B-2472, a B747-400 in Air China livery. Heard their IL-62M is not allowed to land in The Lion City? If they wanna size up POTUS, they should consider be the first A380-800 ACJ operator...
  22. https://www.google.com.hk/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-44429240 Kim Jong Un arrived by Air Chinas B747-400, B-2447
  23. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-10/kim-jong-un-surprises-by-flying-in-to-summit-with-air-china/9855232 What is the role of the E-4B in this case? Strategic command post of the US President?
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