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  1. Pure stupidity......cant imagine ppl like that speaking that way..either they've not been reading enough newspapers..or, they are purely ignorant...FY is NOT competing with AK...how is it a competition when they service routes which AK doesnt???
  2. oops my bad...its 24th...must be overexcited here..haha!
  3. Its official, briefing on the 22nd April (Tuesday) and send off to HMA on 3rd of May (Thursday)... And yes, Brennan and I are in the same batch...woohoo...2 MW members together!
  4. I agree with Tam, somethings dont add up. But if they really had a disturbed night, i admire the pilot for his guts and decisive thinking..
  5. Thanx Brennan. Gavin, you have to confirm your attendance one week b4 the event...coz i would need to prepare your invitation letter. Without it, you wont be allowed to enter the college premises. At least you can ask the qstns you want to then..
  6. Guys i still need help with the video since Tony is helping me with the slide presentation
  7. hahahaha....pre-rationalisation he was saying..." I have always told the Govt that we dont mind flying the Rural Air Services and still make profit out of it..." and now he wants to return it to them???? twist of words in my opinion
  8. Reliable sources have said that the first flight is scheduled for mid-May..and they are trying to get the company ready for it as soon as possible..cabin crew have not completed their training yet.. By the way, it seems its gonna be two A330-300 from Aerlingus with configuration of 380 seats including 36 business class which already in place (Air Asia doesnt wanna remove them and reconfigure the business class as they're leasing it for short period). And yes, they are also planning for 8 cabin crew on board which I think is not in line with DCA's regulation if i am not wrong..
  9. SINGAPORE for AMENITIES? hmm...i find that a little weird because pax has been complaining that they dont provide full amenity kits anymore in Raffles Class like before..
  10. it depends Walter, what are you good at? Anything would be a great help...or even if you could get some old pics of MH and give it to Tony it would be great. Thank for your assistance Walter, i appreciate it!
  11. No guys its more about MAS ...trust me thats what the crowd wants so Mr. Idris would be concentrating on that. Tony, can you do it for me please? I mean i am not really good in these stuff so i would really need you to do it for me. Do you think thats possible? Just a compilation of MAS from the past to present. Since you're the only one who seems to be wanting to assist me, maybe we should just get it done. I could assist you in any way that you require me to..juz let me know.. thanx bro!
  12. Haha...I am thinking of doing so too... you never know he might consider it. By the way its a perfect idea Tony, I was thinking of a MAS' history presentation as well, do you think you could help me?
  13. Guys, i need your help. You see, before the event starts i am planning to play this video and slide show on the projecter screen for the audience. The slide show is fine, because I can make it on my own but I need a video and I am not able to make it on my own. So, anyone with any ideas or videos which you would like me to play before the event starts, please feel free to contribute. I would really appreciate it. Even videos of FLIGHTSIM is fine...anything with a background music or something like what Edwin produced for MW.com's anniversary...anything like that would be great. Thanx in advance guys...
  14. Thanx for the concern guys but Mr. Idris had personally stated his position as CEO/Managing Director. Therefore, we decided to use the term CEO for promotional purposes
  15. Haha, not big time taiko lar...just had the idea of organizing it so thought why not go ahead and do it..of coz you have a pass Gavin, after all you are the MW MEMBER NO. 1...bigger taiko than me!
  16. Hey guys, for the first time ever, Mr. Idris Jala is expected to give a talk at a college/university. This event is a closed event (not opened to outsiders) but, as the Organising Chairman, I have decided to invite MalaysianWings members to attend it. However, I can only allocate 5 seats due to constrain of seats availability. Idris is expected to talk about : His personal life (growing up from a small village right up to where he is today) Identifying, developing and rewarding talents in an organisation His experience, problems and efforts in turning around and transforming from the time he took over the MAS The future of MAS...a different organisation from what it is today Leadership skills and what makes " A Winning Leadership " Since Mr. Idris has only given speeches in Investors Conferences and other corporate functions, this event is expected to give its attendees a different view of the man himself, and his methods of leading an organisation. The date and time is as stated in the 'poster', so please contact me as soon as possible if you require further information or you would like to confirm your seat. Personally, I believe its a good oppurtunity for MW members, especially in the Q and A session since a lot of us here have amazing opinions about what MAS does..
  17. B777 is back from PIA..and..no theres no shortage of A/C
  18. I noticed that the service equipment used by the cabin crew look way better than that of AK
  19. Good language usage and well written with substance. Good work Keith
  20. I wonder what was going through the mind of the MH's tech crew..
  21. There was no delay before this as far as i know..
  22. But doesnt it have to be the OVERALL picture. Their IFE isnt good and service...hmmm.....lets not go there. Besides, even SQ's regional aircrafts arent in a very good shape. No difference from our A330-300 besides that small lil PTV in business class...
  23. Thanx Andrew, hope to see yo on board some day!
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