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  1. https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2019/03/12/malaysia-to-decide-fate-of-malaysia-airlines-soon-pm-says/ Here is the article quoting our PM on MAS.
  2. BKI now has the luxury of two live atc feeds. So users have a choice now.. or can listen to both.
  3. Yes, sad indeed that KK is losing NRT albeit temporary. MAS is struggling big time.
  4. fantastic pics.. must be awesome to see the air to air refuel.. thanks!
  5. A B762 Westar aviation just took off from BKI. The takeoff sound was a wide body sound so I had a look at FR24 app. Registration 2-TSSA callsign X2TSSA
  6. Wow.. a daytime bird from Korea! Thanks for the update
  7. I have many fond memories of the Fokker 50, the sound of its engine is something I do miss. ATR-72 is ok, but seems to 'shake' a bit more in the cloud. As a child I would always sit near the engine area, so I can see the landing gear go up and also down before landing. Such ingenuity. Though, of course, I will also always remember the fokker incident at old Tawau airport many years ago.
  8. great pics! thanks yes last time when an aircraft carrier came it was in Sept/Oct 2012 USS John C Stennis (CVN74) , and she was further out of the sea. this one is really close to shore!
  9. there you go... would you shift BKI to kimanis? where will have such good backdrop?? our beloved BKI airport with a only one and only one majestic Mt K backdrop...
  10. thanks for sharing! looks like a wonderful experience though the weather didn't seem to be good.
  11. sure is a lot of circulating activity of helicopter around now
  12. Boss took the flight! https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/05/07/najib-returns-to-kl-in-airasia-aircraft-sporting-bn-election-slogan/
  13. nice pics lads! keep it up!
  14. For those of you who would like to know the timeline in more detail as well as ATC clip... here is the link: audio from LiveATC. everything sounded routine to her, and her co-pilot. May the passenger who lost her life rest in peace.
  15. Malaysia Airlines says going ahead with MoU with Boeing Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/04/10/malaysia-airlines-launches-widebody-tender-process-could-oust-boeing-787-deal/#oBD0RLvDq59VqGxM.99
  16. yes, better spot as much as able at Jalan Selangor before....
  17. oh gosh, something is wrong with the liveatc feed. big hum...
  18. Just FYI, according to routesonline dated 2/3/2018, Malindo will cancel BKI -TPE route in April. Last flight 10/4/2018. They are fast to axe routes, as usual.
  19. Thanks for sharing the pics from NRT presumably? How low was the fare? so in the future.. can compare. thanks.
  20. I just hope that Jalan Selangor will be kept open to public as long as possible... and they keep BKI there. We like our airports to be close to where we live and it saves time and money. But there are rumours of BKI will eventually be moved to elsewhere, God knows when. Always crop up now and then. TAED doesn't help the case either. On another note, the DCA quarters, still the staffs living there? Behind the meteorology observation station. Or is it also being cleared for the works?
  21. good pics! thanks for sharing... keep em coming
  22. gnarwww... just read this post. D'oh. would love to see the A350 again. alas...
  23. Yup, February time is usually a cooler period for Sabah. Enjoy it while it lasts 😊
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