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  1. MH has a joint venture with JL and it's in their proposal to be "metal neutral" between the MY and JP. However, both MH and JL business class are sold out both directions. I don't know how likely will MH put their pax on NH, but they'd probably exhaust their own options first (e.g. via KIX, ICN, PEK, PVG, TPE etc.). May isn't exactly a low season to London. Not only LHR and NRT but their DOH too! A few of their flights are canceled or severely delayed. MAH is operating both MH161 and MH165 which I don't know how that's possible. MH164 on 11/5 departed at 16:02 whilst MH160 is canceled. MH164 on 12/5 is canceled whilst MH160 from 11/5 (I have no idea how they do this now) departed at 09:39 on MH160D. I am curious if pax on those affected flights received a canceled or delayed notification. Both aren't ideal but I assume you can get a chargeback from your credit card if it's canceled and perhaps more rebooking.
  2. I don't know why they'd delay MH4 today to tonight. It's much easier to delay and reaccomodate 1 flight for 24 hours rather than 2 flights for 9-12 hours each. Just less stress to the ground staff and also any compensation due.
  3. MH2 11/5 will depart at 09:30 12/5 (using MH3 turnaround) MH4 12/5 will depart at 23:30 12/5 At this rate, they’d operate 2 flights a day every other day. Why don’t they just cancel MH2 11/5 so they can have MH2/4 operating as usual 12/5 or delay MH2 11/5 by about 24 hours. This is just crazy that they are delaying each flight by about 12-14 hours. Can’t imagine all the compensation they have to fork out for UK261 (similar to EC261).
  4. It appears that 9M-MAD didn't make it out of HND tonight and it's canceled. It was supposed to have a 19:00 departure before being re-scheduled to 23:00 and now canceled. MH2D is still expected to depart at 07:00 tomorrow. Let's see if any of the other frames (9M-MAC/E/F) are fixed by tomorrow morning so MH2D won't be canceled.
  5. It's a complete CF right now. 9M-MAB/G/H are working fine. 9M-MAC appears to be fine since it arrived as MH 1 this evening, but if MH2 is delayed until tomorrow, which makes me think MAC is not. 9M-MAD went tech a few days ago but flew as MH70 to NRT yesterday (not too sure if NAA or Japan MOT gave them a fine for departing past 23:00. It pushed back at 22:46). However, 9M-MAD had to return to Tokyo and was diverted to Haneda after they flew just north of Okinawa. Arrived HND at 03:05 and expected to depart tonight as MH71D from HND at 23:00. I assume 9M-MAD will turn around as MH2D tomorrow. If 9M-MAD is good to fly from HND tonight, then it should turn around fine as MH2D tomorrow (I am curious if it's a medical or mechanical and if Japan/HND will grant them a daytime slot exception or they'd have to wait until past 22:00). If there are only 2 working long-haul galley 359s, good luck with London. 9M-MAE is under scheduled maintenance and 9M-MAF went mechanical and remained at KUL since 9th May. And 9M-MAH is not without issues as well. It operated as a very late MH164 today, departed at 16:02 instead of 02:55. And MH 160 to DOH is canceled tonight (along with tomorrow's MH161) And one would think that a MH 140 service from SYD that arrives at 05:00 will have sufficient time to turn around as MH70 to NRT today that's scheduled to depart at 09:50. Nope. MH70 left at 12:59 today. 9M-MTG is under scheduled maintenance(?) and 9M-MTF has not been flying since 1 Jan. 2024. What happened to 9M-MTF?
  6. With the current MH 359 fiasco, it appears that MH planes are showing up in places they don’t usually go. A332 is flying MH67 from ICN, MH129 to MEL and a B738 to TPE (downgrade from 332). Can’t imagine all the downgrades from all these alone!
  7. I understand MH has 350 issues and airlines had downgraded pax in some rare instances. But at the very least least, prepare a nicely worded draft so all the CSR need to do is fill in the details instead of this atrocious "take it or leave it" e-mail. Any downgraded pax shouldn't have to push themselves for compensation or alternatives.
  8. I hope they at least offered business on a different flight, like MH 88 or their JV partner JL. Or fly to KIX/ICN and then transfer to HND/NRT. Neither of these are acceptable because it's loss of a day in Japan, but just downgrading pax without any form of compensation or alternative is just poor form. Edit: Oh wow. I just read the letter. It's shocking to put it mildly. "As a gesture of goodwill, we would like to honour other business class entitlements such as lounge access (if available) and free baggage allowance". They downgraded pax and wrote "as a gesture of goodwill"?! The audacity. No mention was made whether pax could change to a different flight or be rerouted. This is absurd.
  9. The good news is 9M-MAB is fixed and flew back as MH1 on 8th May. The bad news is that with that surplus of 359 at LHR, they canceled MH4 on 8th May. 9M-MAD is still down and 9M-MAF hasn't flown since 8th May (with an overnight delayed departure on 7th May on MH2).9M-MAF is still in London. MH London's operations are in a mess right now. 9M-B/C/G is active. 9M-MAD/F is down with tech, 9M-MAE is under routine maintenance, 9M-MAH is different configuration/incompatible galley. They could still work with 3 359s servicing 2x LHR flights in the meanwhile but this is a bit crazy.
  10. MU to add 7x weekly NKG-KUL and 3x weekly WUH-KUL, CZ to resume 7x weekly CGO-KUL, and WY to increase from 4x to 5x weekly for summer. Are there no more slots left for Chinese carriers at KUL or how much cheaper are our/their outbound port charges at these odd hours? They sure love to arrive/depart KUL between 02:00 and 05:00. Flights to KUL on Chinese carriers: MU: NKG, HGH, WUH. KMG, PKX (seasonal) CZ: CAN, SZX, CSX, CGO MF: XMN, CKG, FOC CA: TFU, PEK 3U: TFU, HAK ZH: SZX GJ: HGH
  11. It appears that MH4 departed midnight last night and it's on its way to LHR. There'll be 3 MH A359s in London later today (MAB still stuck there, MAC flying as MH2, and MAF as MH4D). If I have to guess, MAD was supposed to operate MH4 yesterday and probably went tech. There were no 359 frames available since MAE is under heavy maintenance check. MH used MAF from MH 161 turn from DOH but it's too late to turnaround and fly it to London before the curfew.
  12. I hope they rebook everyone on tonight's MH1 so they aren't delayed further. Otherwise it's £520 per pax if they are delayed more than 4 hours to their final destination. Assuming 100 eligible pax who filed for compensation on the previous MH3 cancellation, that's easily >£50,000.
  13. We can fly however many times a day we want to ADL and it wouldn't matter because ADL is unlimited. MH's BNE suspension was already reallocated to other carriers last year (IIRC). As of 6th March 2024, all seats to Australia have been utilized.
  14. Problaby because they are down 2 frames? 9M-MAB was supposed to operate MH 3 on 4th May was canceled. I'd imagine that's due to mechanical because that frame is still in London. 9M-MAE is probably undergoing heavy maintenance check as it hasn't flown since the end of March. Two LHR-KUL cancelations in 3 days isn't ideal.
  15. How bad was the thunderstorm around 14:00-16:00 today at KUL? Departing flights were severely delayed and a few arrivals were diverted (KL809 to SZB, FM889 to SIN, MH53 to JHB, IU820 to MKZ 🧐 etc.). Oddly enough Air Asia seems to have fewer diversions.
  16. Seems like they are finding cities to fly their 330s now that SAW is scrapped. I've seen OD flying their 333s to BKK and BKI in recent days.
  17. I have the impression that the KLIA budget or exec taxis are more expensive than metered taxis or Grab since they are all by zones? Or was I mistaken? I haven't taken the official KLIA taxis in ages and Grab was quite a long time ago since the train is quite convenient now.
  18. Are those planes certified to fly in Malaysia?
  19. Whilst looking for flights, it appears that CZ will be increasing their CAN-KUL from 4x to 5x daily beginning July. As a result, the midday ex-CAN B789 departure will be down gauged to 2x A320, making CAN-KUL 4x A320 and 1x B789 instead of 2 B789/A320 each now. Departure time from CAN: 08:05 (B789), 11:20, 12:20, 17:35, 20:55. Departure time from KUL: 02:20, 08:55, 13:25 (B789), 16:55, 18:00. MH on the other hand, doesn't appear to be maintaining 7x weekly, with some random days without a flight to CAN.
  20. They filed for 7 weekly flights but as it comes closer to flight date, they cancel a few flights. Next week is showing 3 flights a week and the week after 5 flights a week. I am curious if anyone flies with them when you consolidate flights like this. Combining two flights a day into one is bad enough but they are combining a few days of flight into 1 day. Maybe don't expand that aggressively but do it so they don't have to cancel their flights. Passengers will get pissed off. Up till now, AK still can't shed their image of flights cancelations even though it's a lot better now.
  21. This is something I don't quite get. Why is there a rush to get jet ops back at SZB when FY is not ready? Is this because of slots (apply for slots now and it's a use it or lose it kind of thing?). All these cuts will make FY even less desirable to anyone who wants to fly with them. PEN-SIN from 14 to 1 (if there aren't any typo) is just crazy.
  22. KE's 333 (either version) are fine; OZ's 333 on the other hand are not from a passenger perspective.
  23. AK is still flying to/from TWU with reduced cruising altitude. 27-29k.
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