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Koos V. D. H.

Photographing in India

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Hello Guys,


Would like to share with you my experience in making pictures in India during a short visit last week.


I was able to take some pictures going on a domestic flight with Jet Airways an B737-800 VT-JGA from Delhi to Chennai.


Photo's were taken from a passenger bus during a hazy day and waiting on the ramp before climbing the stair on the aircraft. I experienced no problems but was carefull, since taking pictures is only recently allowed in this country at airports, but not everybody knows this I am told, so always be careful!


Delhi is very bussy on the domestic side and will only get more bussy with the many aircraft on order in this country.

I read in a newspaper that day of the delivery of a new B737-800 for India Express and the article said it was the first aircraft of 68 more to come to give you an impression.


I have seen driving to the domestic airport that there are spots to be found for taking approach photo's but now ramp pictures since the airport is, like Chennai, surrounded by a high concrete wall and I do not advise to use a ladder, only if you certainly want problems.


Oke I will now add some pictures taken on December 6th, 2007, sorry the quality is not always super but that has to do with the weather and I only had one possibilty,



please let me know what you think and I will add more???








VT-EHF B737-200 Alliance Air in the new colours (taken with 370mm)




VT-IOA CRJ200 Indus Air parked in a nice line up (sorry for the clutter)




VT-KFN A321-200 KingFisher between flights awaiting luggage and passengers




VT-ADL ATR42 Air Deccan taxing by at the right moment for my camera, great!




VT-BDH B737-200F of Blue Dart getting some open air maintenance




VT-KFP A321-200 Kingfisher at the holding position before entering the runway, like me in the Jet Airways.

Sorry for the hazy light, best I could do.





please see my website at: www.airlinephotos2001.net




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Nice shots there from India.

Especially of the Kingfisher A321 and the B732.

Any more shots..?



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Koos, welcome to MW.


He he! I thought weather in KUL was bad for our spotting session.

It was worse in India.

Some how, I like to see those "rare" shots comparing to KUL traffic.


You managed to get all the AI Express from AXA-AXH ?


Do share more shots with us. :drinks:

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Nice shots !!!


Seems India is opening up for spotters/photographers, :pardon:

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Nice shots, A340/Koos (A340? I thot we should use real names here).


Anyway Indian airports still too risky for photos, and I would remain very discrete. Btw I managed a few myself recently:




Sorry put my real name under the message like in this one, however, my real name is Koos.


I do agree with your statement but believe that applies to every country, be discrete!


Well I can tell you that I had great fun in Chennai the next day.


After some searching with a very friendly taxidriver, found a small street close to the approach and was able to make some nice pictures.


A very friendly Indian invited me on the roof of his house which was superb.


Not to much traffic but who cares everything is new for me.


Only the weather could have been a bite better.




My first GO air this example in blue colors, have seen orange, red and others




AIR Deccan A320 with the walking men




VT-PAB of Paramount Airways of which you see more in Chennai




VT-EPP A320 Indian Airlines old colors, sorry for the quality but is max tele, but look at all the stored F27"s in the back op the photo!!




VT-JNG made during disembarking of my flight from Delhi




Oke hope you see, things are slowly getting better for us in India, but be carefull.


Until my next update all the best,


Koos // A340




please visit my website at: www.airlinephotos2001.net

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Thanks a lot for sharing these Chennai shots :good:


Look at the IC shot: plenty of F27's stored there, but a big wall all around the field ?! :o

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