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LTFM, Turkish Airlines 787-9


LTFM, TC-LLG, Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9


LTFM, TC-LLI, Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9


LTFM, TC-LND Turkish Airlines A330-300


LTFM general view to one of the aprons near terminals while approaching 35R


LTFM, Turkish Airlines Airbus A321-231 TC-JTN


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Hi Hakan, thanks for sharing those lovely photos.

I like the row of TK planes view from top.

Do keep the forum alive with your photos. Most of us here are "prohibited" from going to airport for plane spotting.

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Hi Chaity , Hi Samuel Chy..thanks for your comments. As you know I am not a professional spotter...just I am trying to do my best when I fly somewhere and in limited conditions of airports with my cell phone. Thats all. Sometimes I am really lucky by I took the picture. :)

Anyway last 5 years I had a lot of flight, most of them domestic with the same destination but a few abroad. I belive, someday I will be join with you in there :)

Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA), LTFM, IST
Turkish Airlines planes on the gate even they were flying limited at that time (it was much better actual date january 2021 compare by end of 2020). Boeing 787-9, TC-LLH built in 2019 and delivered at Feb 2020. At behind, Boeing 777-300, TC-LJD
Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA),LTFM, IST
Turkish Airlines brand new Boeing 787-9, TC-LLG, built in January 2020


LTFM (IGA); while waiting fly to EGLL

At the day light...Airport and planes are alive now..Turkish Airlines Airbus A321Neo namely "kilis" gets supports for first flight of the day...AC cable plugged, air condition connected, gate and bridge docked, fuel hydrant,highloader, catering...captains on the cockpit..what else?


LTFM (IGA)  fly to EGLL

Time is up...lets start the journey..to London..Boarding already started but I prefer to hang up over there...plane was full and unfortunately my seat was in the middle (46G)...no picture on flight!
Turkish Airlines TC-LKB, Boeing 777-300ER..Quite new plane, built in 2014. First user is Kenya Airways but 1.5 years later joined Turkish Airlines. The cabin was not Turkish Airlines standard cabin configuration as like delivery from directly factory. I really hate that fly with the mask all the flight time!

LTFM (IGA) , while waiting for the flight to EGLL

Libyan Airbus A320-214, registration 5A-LAP, almost 8 years old. Preparing to morning flight back to Tripoli. Before that, Libyan was flying to LTBA (old airport) with A330..Maybe after pandemic situation they can be change to A330 once again.



LTFM (IGA)  while waiting flight to EGLL

Some planes waits and other one flies....pandemic times hit the planes of their souls!
Turkish Airlines TC-JPJ Airbus A320-232 namely "edremit" is resting until her flight...
LTFM(IGA) , early morning..red tails
Continue to walking from gate to gate....months ago ther were a lot of airlines in here ..especially long haul planes at this time in early morning...now..all of them missing!!
A new family member of THY fleet, TC-LSB A321Neo, just only 1.5years old.

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Thank you for sharing, Hakan. I am glad that you still are able to hold your job and able to fly! 

We are in lockdown here and not able to get to KUL - traffic is also very bad, most flights are cargo ones. The upside is that we are seeing more cargo airlines in KUL!

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Hello Flee,

I am expecting good news from Malaysia but according by your words, pandemic condition is still continue go on. Last 10-12 month was terrific in here. Our factory  did not closed but working performance dropped to minimum. Thanks god, we had abroad project and we did do that. Domestic market almost stopped! all construction sites have been locked, offices in the plasa building were empty! since end of the 2020, we completed project in UK...we have been stuck in London last December, because of when covid rised up in UK, Turkish Government stopped the flight to/from UK! Our flight has been cancelled! 5 days later, TK begin some flights in limited conditions and we arrived back to Istanbul 5 days before new year.Then UK border totally closed. Still we have projects in London and waiting for flights open...the worst, I am not supporting to vaccination. Probably, if the borders open to Turkey , vaccination would be mandatory!

As far as I understand, flights turning back much more normalize because if I heard engine roars more often when they flyover our house. During last 8-10 months, I was hearing just only birds flaps! According by reports, daily flights increasing day by day. Our president said that today, all restriction will ve remove at 1st of June but masks and social distance will be use for a while.

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Hi Hakan,

Thank you for letting us understand the situation in your country. Malaysia is still under lockdown because our hospitals are full of Covid-19 patients. We are supposed to stay at home and only essential activities are allowed. Offices are closed and only some factories are able to open. Travel more than 10 km is not allowed. Our vaccination rate is still less than 10% and progressing very slowly. Most governments don't seem to realise that speeding up vaccination will mean that the country can return to some normality sooner. So sad!

Please take care and I hope that you can join us again in KUL in the near future!

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London Heathrow, Terminal 2, One of the newest plane of Ethiopian Airlines, ET-AYB, Airbus A350-954...she was just only 2 months old when I took the picture!ethiopian_et_ayb_airbus_a350_by_jet737_d


Emirates Airbus A380-842 registration  A6-EVC is ready for next flight.
Terminal 2, Heathrow....


China Airlines Airbus A350-900 registration B-18906, taxiing from Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport.


Turkish Airlines TC-LND, Airbus A330-300, Heathrow, T2


On the way...TC-LND A330-300


Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2
United Airlines brand new Boeing 787-9, N29977.. built in 2020


Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2
Singapore Airlines, Airbus 350-900, 9V-SMO, built in 2017.


Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2,
Vistara Airways (India), Boeing 787-9, VT-TSD...brand new aircraft built in 2020 (delivery at 28Feb2020)...sorry for reflection on the window.
Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2
Almost the same parking position when we arrived London 25 days before from  I took the picture at that day. United Airlines Boeing 787-9 is parked on next gate. Registration N26910, built in 2015.
Heathrow airport, Terminal 2
TK1980 is preparing to return flight to Istanbul. Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER (3F2ER), TC-LJA, built in 2015.


Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2
Brussels Airlines airbus A320-214, OO-SNK.....turnaround process on going.
Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2
Virgin Atlantic's Airbus A350-1000, G-VPOP is moving to gate with tug car. Built in 2019
Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2
TAP Portugal Express EMB190LR (190-100LR), operate by Portugalia...She has been built 2011. Before PGA she flown in AZUL and TRIP.
Heathrow Airport , T2, London
SWISS Airbus A330-300 (A333), HB-JHL...I always like to call Swissair instead of only "swiss"..the plane has been built in 2012, almost 8 years old


Heathrow Airport T2,  LHR (EGLL) to IST (LTFM)
Killing time at the main terminal ....We arrived to airport too early cause of, we were expecting many precautions due pandemic situations...but nothing happend!
Anyway, Lufthansa Airbus A320 neo D-AINU, she was just 2 years old when I took the picture. New livery looks great on her.
Eurowing's A320 also docked below and Delta is at opposite side.

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Thank you for sharing the pictures ! A breath of fresh air for us that have not stepped on a plane in almost 2 years !

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I am really happy if I could give you all some moral. When I have time, I will continue to share the pictures with you..Just I need to select the pictures for deserve sharing with you.

Btw, today is your independence day, like as ours that we celebrate yesterday...Hari Merdeka :)


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Let we start beginning of the airplane series by domestic flights (all of them taken by cell phone sorry. Almost during last 5 years)

Flight from Sabiha Gokcen (LTFJ) to Denizli Cardak (LTAY) airport for business trip early morning while sunrising on the engine cowling. Pegasus Airlines A320-200


Pegasus Airlines, Airbus A320-200 TC-DCI, on tarmac at Denizli Cardak Airport (LTAY)


Return flight from LTAY to LTFJ with AnadoluJet which is subsidiary lowcost airlines of Turkish Airlines. Boeing 737-800, TC-JFC


Another trip to Denizli. At that time I was flying frequently to there for a project.Early morning goes and late night return. Pegasus Airlines A320-200 at freezing morning!


My first trip to Saudia with Saudia Airlines. it was my last international flight flight from famous LTBA, IStanbul Ataturk Airport before closing for commercial passanger flights

I was flying to Jeddah for hotel furniture installation. Saudia Airlines Airbus A330-343 ( I have another pictures that I will share later)



Back to domestic flights again. Pegasus Airlines  Airbus A320Neo TC-NBC, NBc is 3rd aircraft on the fleet as Neo...awesome plane!


A nose shot of a Boeing 737-800, Pegasus Airlines TC-AAO...unfortunately, this plane has been out of fleet when replacement with one of the new A320Neo. Pegasus airlines will replace to entire fleet with A320 and 321neo until 2026 and all Boeing 737s will be out.




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My business travel flights generally starts early mornings, almost first flights of the day. The picture taken from Sabiha Gokcen Airport (LTFJ) while I'm seating on my plane for wait boarding at 0612AM. Neighbour planes from AnadoluJet 737800s


A freezy February morning from Denizli Cardak Airport. TC-DCB Airbus A320-200 Pegasus Airlines. A rare visitor side by of our plane which is Pilatus PC12 from Swiss.


TC-NBG A320-200Neo Pegasus Airlines,



Once again, an early morning flight. While boarding my plane, I took a picture of our neighbour, Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 is preparing on its own flight.




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