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Greg Wood

Perth:- the world's most isolated city V.3 2010

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United States Coast Guard Gulfstream V (C-37A) 01 c/n 653 arrived 18.15hrs ex: Sydney as "Charlie 101" and used flight number as "C101"; The aircraft's routing thus far is: Paya Lebar - Sydney - Perth - its next onward destination unknown at this time. The USCG operates only 1 example of this type of aircraft and is extremely rare to see the aircraft in these parts. "Happy New Year"




Cheers Greg

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Neptune Air B737-210C (adv) 9M-NEA c/n 21822 arrived 13.00hrs ex: Denpasar as flight NEP786 & departed 15.45hrs back to Denpasar as 'Nine Mike - November Echo Alpha' (Last visited Perth on 16.02.2006 operating as Cardigair).




Cheers Greg

Edited by Greg Wood

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Wow.. long way from home that old horse :p ;)

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Unknown what freight the 732C was carrying in or out sorry, checked back thru my records to find her past two previous visits to Perth were on 11.07.08 & 16.02.06 on these occasions she was operated by TRI-MG Cargo Airlines, ALSO: that USCG C-37A '01' departed to Mahe Island, Seychelles just to update on her depature ex: Perth. Greg

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A couple of photos from this Sunday morning, with Rwy 06 used for arrvials due to strong Easterly winds.


Springbok 280 from JNB.



9M-XXC heading home to KL.


Edited by Ian Moy

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Lovely shots there Ian, very rare indeed to be seeing runway 06 for these wide bodies. :good:

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Great shots there! Missing PER already. :p

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Wow, they really do some flying around, as this one visited AMS around 2 weeks ago... :pardon:

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Hey all,


January 24th 35 degrees celcius and 5 Perth based enthusiasts decided on a soujourn around the Avon Valley exploring what treasures lie about. The party consisted of Richard, Stuart, Alistair, Duncan, and myself. We left Perth at 06.30hrs our first Stop Cunderdin arriving there at 08.00hrs, here's a few examples of what we saw:






DH-82A Tiger Moth VH-WLQ (replica only) marked as M-2005




Old historical WWII barracks as used at Cunderdin Air Field




Lockheed SP-2H (P2V-7) Neptune VH-NEP formerly N54317, US Navy BuAer serial 145921arrived in

2005 from Perth Airport.


Next Stop: Northam (departed Cunderdin at 09.05hrs & arrived in Northam at 09.45hrs)




Cessna 175B VH-WBB




Wittman Tailwind VH-MGO (derelict condition) the car is a Morris Cowley for those interested!




Cessna 337G VH-MRQ formerly with Murchison Relines, last seen was in Kalgoorlie


After some breakfast at the 'Golden Arches' left Northam at 10.35hrs and headed for White Gum Farm,

arriving there at 12.00 Noon.


White Gum Farm:


Skyfox CA22 55-0680 'Foxy Lady'






G-2351 Auto Gyro Europe MTO Sport




Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat 24-7274


Left White Gum Farm at 12.45hrs then headed to York, arriving there at 13.15hrs, not much here sadly

as Brooklands was closed, and only two aircraft were sighted at Skydive Express, a Cessna 208 VH-OAI,

and Cessna 182E VH-DUW after a quick look & see then headed to Springbett Airfield arriving at 13.40hrs

for a look & see, this airfield is now closed and is overgrowm with dead grass making it a fire hazard for sure.








Here's our Driver Stuart, navigator Duncan & Richard at rear looking at what remains of Springbett,

Alistair had gone walkabout :- stretching the legs, & me taking the pictures documenting the journey.


Next Stop: Beverley


Arrived into Beverley at 14.35hrs visiting two Vampires in the town, then headed out to Beverley

Soaring Club, for a look & see at Gliders taking to the skies and to have some (late) lunch!






Vampire TA.35 A A79-651 c/n 4173 situated on the Beverley - York Road






Vampire TA.35 A A79-638 c/n 4160 situated outside Beverley Aeronautical Museum




Jabiru J160C 24-4887 c/n 129


In summary: We visited 7 airfields, saw & photographed 103 aircraft of various types & condition

etc,took 7hrs from start to finish, used 1/2 tank of petrol, & drank approx 20 Ltrs of water between

the 5 of us, the temprature on this day was 35 degrees celcius. It was a great day out & our next

soujourn is being planned.


Thanks for viewing: Cheers Greg

Edited by Greg Wood

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Wow Greg, WHATTTAAA JOURNEY!!!??? 7 hrs?


temperature on that day? its a shame for those abondon a/c.... i wonder if someone interested looking after it.

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Hey Min,


Just great getting outta town for a bit of that 'country life' just wished the weather that day was a bit cooler, but hey all in all we all had a great day out.


Here's a breakdown per field of aircraft:


Cunderdin :- 27x aircraft incl gliders


Cunderdin Township:- 1x DH-82A Toger Moth replica


Northam Air Field:- 41 aircraft, (6 dead)


White Gum Field:- 16 aircraft


Springbett Air Field :- nil aircraft


Beverley / York Rd:- 1x ex: RAAF Vampire


Beverley Museum :- 1x ex: RAAF Vampire


Beverley Soaring Club: - 16 aircraft incl gliders


Mt. Dale:- nil aircraft



Cheers Greg

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Absolutely stunning trip, with lot's of rare aircraft !!!


It's always good to see what's 'left' at some airfields :)


35 degrees ? wow, it even doesn't get THAT hot in Saigon :) (where I'm now)...


AMS ? -3 when I we left, with snow-showers...

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On Tuesday 2nd February, I along with many others participated in a (AOC) Air Operators Certifate route proving flight to Derby / RAAF Curtin (YCIN) to Perth return with Strategic Airlines, onboard there recently delivered

A320-212 VH-YQA c/n 190.


The flight was anything from the ordinary with (CASA) Civil Aviation Authority Australia, Australia's aircraft safety watchdog onboard overseeing & evaluating all of today's flight scenarios too see the compentance of the flight crews & flight attendants as part of obtaing the airlines AOC certificate by putting them through a series of different in-flight scenarios. Our flights simulated the following: Smoke / Fire in the toilet; Pax / Medical Emergency :- Heart Attack; and Emergency Landing.


Iam pleased to say that the sequence of tests undertaken on todays flight all passed! and is now another step closer

in obtaining its AOC Certifcate.


Here are a few pictures taken from the day:




Our Aircraft VH-YQA named "The Kimberley" parked on Bay 21 at Perth




Interesting tag on the aircraft's side :- Think , Be , Fly

simply meaning Think Strategic, Be Strategic, Fly Strategic






Leather seating onboard this completely refurbished A320






In-flight Perth to Derby







Derby / Curtin Airport Terminal







A320-212 VH-YQA on parking bay 1 at Derby


After a 2hr layover in Derby time to re-board for the 2hrs.28mins flight back to Perth








Lining up on Rwy 29 at Derby 'ready for take-off'






Kimberley Thunderstorm cell en-route Derby to Perth (lightning was seen from clouds below)




Setting sun over the Indian Ocean






Arrivals board at Perth with our flight details, interesting to note Ozjet code-sharing

on the same flight.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures & in-flight commentery, if not sorry!


Regards Greg

Edited by Greg Wood

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Great stuff there Greg, when will it enter service? Would love to nail it when I get back end of March... those inflight photo's are just awesome.. wing shots with the sun setting and also those pile of moody clouds are worth A.netting. :good:

Edited by Ignatius

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Hey thanks a lot for your comments Iggy!


Strategic will operate 3 x times weekly return services to Derby (Fly in / out) as well as operating to Bali, taking over where Ozjet left off; When this is likely to happen is anyones guess due to the on-going problems surrounding Ozjet's 3 grounded 737-200s at Perth, and monies owed to WAC; also Singapore was mentioned in conversation onboard the aircraft as another likely destination for this airline.

Expansion within the region is certainly on Airline's agenda with a second A320 aircraft in Singapore expected to arrive soon becoming VH-YQB, things are certainly on the up & up for Perth.


Regards Greg

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Hi everyone...I'm a newbie here in forum. I've been to Perth airport and noticed that MAS777 is parked on the tarmac for a few days. Anybody knows what happen?

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G'day all,


Arriving into Jandakot Airport at 10.05hrs ex: Mundijong (private field) today was this immaculately presented Beechcraft D17 Staggerwing,registered NC16S c/n 6687 and built in 1944, under the command of Bill Charney who is flying the aircraft from New Zealand to USA (anti-clockwise) & into wind all the way home.


You can visit his website & follow his journey here: www.captainbiff.com


Here's a few photos taken earlier today of her arriving at Royal Aero Club Jandakot.








Owner / Pilot: Bill 'Biff' Charney








Thanks for viewing!



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