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Nabiel Haniff

AirAsia Cadet Intakes 2009

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Btw,you tried it?? :D


Maybe? haha ..


I bet when you first started you thought it was easy eh ? just flying straight and level .


I suggest you answer all questions , even if u think your answer is wrong , you should answer it .

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I wish you guys all the best , Li Ren , Eric , and Walter ! May the force be with you ...






All the best guys... :clapping:

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I wish you guys all the best , Li Ren , Eric , and Walter ! May the force be with you ...






Walter applied to AK this year?

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Thanks Gavin, will try hard tomorrow morning.

Staying up late to watch the maiden flight of B787 on tv.

See you around. :D


All the best and looking forward to hearing good news from you :drinks:

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Keen to be a pilot with AirAsia? Read on.

We are looking for young, energetic and hardworking people with a healthy attitude and good work ethics to train to be pilots.

Our cadet pilot training programme is among the best in the world.





* Malaysian citizen, aged between 18 and 28 as at date of application.

* Either:

1. Passed SPM (or its equivalent that is recognized by the Malaysian Government) with at least A2 in English and Mathematics and B3 in Physics taken at one sitting. (Those from the Arts stream should have at least an A2 in General Science); or

2. Possess a Diploma/Degree in Engineering or Science-related disciplines with CGPA 3.0 and above and at SPM level scored at least a B4 in the subjects mentioned above taken in one sitting.

* Good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia both written and spoken.

* Must be physically and mentally fit with good eyesight (visual acuity of at least 6/60 without optical aid, correctable to 6/6 and not colour blind. Should be able to successfully pass a medical examination up to a Class 1 standard conducted by a Department of Civil Aviation Authorised Medical Examiner (DAME).

* Minimum height of 163 cm (5ft 3in).

* Be prepared to sign a training bond with a surety.

The Selection Process

The process consists of the stages as follows:


1. Screening of applications

2. Written academic tests in English, Mathematics and Science (Physics) with an IQ test. Passing mark of at least 75% required in all subjects.

3. Aptitude testing

4. Interview

5. Medical Examination

6. Final selection


The Training Programme


Commercial Pilot Licence with a 'Frozen' ATPL


ONLY the training cost is sponsored by AirAsia. All other expenses such as accommodation and food plus all other miscellaneous expenditure will be borne by the cadets. All cadet pilots will repay the cost of training through monthly deductions over a period of fifteen (15) years commencing from the time they are employed by AirAsia and commence their line training as Second Officers. In addition to this the cadets will have to sign a training bond for the type-rating course on the Airbus A320.


In the event the cadet pilot is unsuccessful at any stage of the training the cadet is obliged to repay AirAsia all the training cost that had been expended up to the stage of termination plus any administrative costs.


Phase 1: This phase will take approximately 66 weeks and consist of the following:


Ground School curriculum comprising approximately 1,000 hours of classroom time covering the following:


* Private Pilot Licence (PPL) ground subjects with examinations conducted by DCAM.

* DCA Technical subjects with examinations conducted by DCAM.

* Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) ground subjects with in house examinations approved by DCAM.

* Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) ground subjects with papers set and marked by the UK Overseas Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Examinations. These Examinations will be conducted by DCAM.

* Flight training with 200 flying hours comprising of a minimum of 35 hours on a twin-engined aircraft and the remaining on a single-engined aircraft.


On completion of this the cadet pilots will be issued with a CPL and an Instrument Rating (I/R) with a Frozen ATPL. With this the cadet pilots will be able to progress onto the next stage of the training at AirAsia.


Phase 2: The cadet pilots will carry out their Multi-crew Coordination Course (MCC) before starting their type-rating courses on the A320. This phase includes other regulatory courses conducted to enable them to fly as a crew in an aircraft in the commercial category. Once they have completed their type-rating course they will become Second Officers and commence their line training after having successfully completed their endorsement flight. This whole process in this phase takes approximately 3 to 6 months.

Career Progression


After successfully completing their line training the Second Officers will be employed as First Officers and gain their experience on line. Within a period of 5 to 6 years they would have gained enough hours to be eligible for promotion as a Captain to act as commander. This is of course, subject to their performance, recommendation and any suitable vacancy. With the very fast pace of expansion of AirAsia there is abundant opportunity for all ambitious candidates who are willing to work hard.




Applications to be addressed to:



Cadet Pilot Programme Coordinator

AirAsia Academy

Lot PT25B, Jln KLIA S5

South Support Zone KLIA

64000 Sepang,

Selangor Darul Ehsan


Please submit ONLY the following with your application:

* Resume with your contact numbers (including mobile phone) and a valid email address as all correspondence will be via sms or email. Please do ensure your email inbox is not full.

* 1 Passport size recent photograph (NR).

* Copy of MYKAD.

* Copies of only the relevant educational certificates as per the requirements mentioned above.


All original educational certificates and any other certificates should only be brought when you are called to appear for the Academic Tests.


Important to note: All applications are to be sent only after the advertisement appears in the STAR and/or New Straits Times newspapers and before the Closing Date. Otherwise, the application will not be considered or acknowledged.


Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


The Allstars..so irresistible (I'm refer to the offer).

Edited by Aiman

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