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  1. SQ321 diverted to KUL due medical emergency as I was told.
  2. Thank you. That could be it. My heart goes out to the two Chinese students. Only 16.
  3. Does the fuel line runs through the top fuselage as well? From the photos, it looks to me only the top part of the fuselage is burnt, the wings hauling the fuel barely had signs of char burnt marks. I hope those pax with their baggage and belongings did not cause delay in the evacuation process, it might be the reason that claimed two lifes.
  4. I'm not so sure what's the defaulted cabin pressurization rate on climb out. Since mucus on the Eustachian tube works like toothpaste in a tube ( easier to exit than into the tube ), the pain should not be on the climb out. During cruise , at max cruising level of 39,000ft above mean sea level, cabin altitude is at 8000ft. For every decrease in 1000ft, cabin altitude minus 300ft. During descend, I believe the the cabin altitude is defaulted to reduce at 350ft/min. In normal conditions, the cabin rate of descend is controlled by cabin pressure controllers , so to achieve equal pressure with the airfield on landing. The most I've seen is 500ft/min, once, accompanied with a caution message, very long time ago.
  5. Is it just me or is there a looks to be a female flight attendant on the port aisle?
  6. No experience on the Boeing, but why so much of a speed difference between these two fleet? Something to do with the wingtip , or engine ?
  7. 9M AFO will be operating to SIN around 6pm today. If there's no changes from morning that is.
  8. I was at RPLC today, saw two AirAsia's fin whilst parked at the North Apron. Only had my phone with me , they were parked quite some distant away, didn't get a shot of it.
  9. EricD

    BKI 2011

    Woah, many thanks Sam! Sooooo busy , I only saw it now. Will let you know again if I'm coming on something special. It was my second day on the RHS, very gan jiong (nervous) ! Thank you manyak manyak!
  10. I can pick up 4 or 3 more (depending on how comfortable you want to sit), from Subang or KLIA. See you there.
  11. AVWeb Link from a instructor thru a friend on facebook.
  12. Some shots from DFW during my stay. 12 Nov 2010. Textbook crosswind landing? 11 Dec 2010. Flamboyant! 28 Jan 2011. Freight-alicious!
  13. If you want a free airline cadet pilot scholarship in Malaysia, I don't think there is any, I might be totally wrong too. AFAIK after you undergo your flight training, your sponsor airline would have you repay them in some way. Either by deducting a portion of your salary over time or, they will be the one of your guarantor to loan money from the bank for your flight training and have you deal with the bank directly. The sweet thing about this is, you will have a job secured right after that. If you decide to go ahead with your flight training privately funded, your are gambling your way into the aviation industry in Bolehland as the general aviation scene is very limited. There is the air force also but I have no idea how it works. My suggestion is go get a degree or any other tertiary education done, at least you have something to fall back on and you could try other airline's CPP. In the mean time, try applying for the cadet pilot position too, if you are invited for an interview, great! Impress them with all you have! The industry is slowly picking up, and you have a lot ahead of you. Don't rush it. Good luck.
  14. Something worth sharing in this thread.
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